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  1. Hi @silent_rep, please see below pics as requested.
  2. The only other way you could get some more room would be to possibly drop the subframe down a bit, hopefully not all the way, you then may not need such an acute angle to manoeuvre it out, biggest problem is it would need the tracking is checked after.
  3. I think the biggest problem with doing it on stands like you say, is getting the car high enough to have the wiggle room needed to remove the original DP and CAT, you can see Charles trying to wiggle it out, and he is on ramp at that point, it is a long unit, once removed, replacing is it usually easier because they are generally in two parts.
  4. Yeah, clocked it was a reflection, but does look good me thinks.
  5. Also looks like a touring car, single wiper conversion 😮😍
  6. I have tried both, hub centric did reduce the vibration considerably, but it was still there with the Cadiz, ideally, the solution would be a nice set of 18" flow formed with the right off-set, that I don't need spacers, but that will have to wait.
  7. Hi Steve, Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I wasn't sure which side of the stud may have been shanked at different lengths, the hub or wheel side and the pics on the web aren't great. Yeah, school boy error, offered to do some bits and didn't realize I had a conflict, was hoping to attend the one in a couple of weeks time but out with a load of Golfs in Stratford in the morning then going to C&M in the afternoon, I may get a morning ticket as well as see if I can stop off on the way for a coffee. Hi Matt, Thanks for the reply and I'm in l
  8. Looking for some help please. Looking at possibly getting these wheel studs. The problem is, I have a BBK and no spacers on my rep Prets, so would need the standard length set, however I have a set of Cadiz with all seasons for the winter, which I need spacers for to clear the BBK, so would need the longer 80mm version. For those using this kit, would you know, if I purchased the 80mm set, can I use them without the spacers? Ideally I would like to replace the Cadiz with some nice light weight ones which don't need spacers and have a set of winter and super grippy ty
  9. I have these fitted, mainly for the direct OE integration and fast road, I my car has DCC. Bilstein Volkswagen Golf Mk7 55mm (Independant) B16 DT2 Coilover Kit - 49-255874 (progressiveparts.com) Remove and replace. And so far so good
  10. Above is approx £500 just for top mounts to be fitted and a track, but not done at your local back street garage though, it is a lot of money, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Worth it 👍
  11. I bought mine with 30k on and had both done with a filter clean on the haldex for good measure. I will probably be doing them again soon as nearly 50k now, but will do it myself. I'd prefer to spend a couple of hundred quid maintaining it than a couple of grand replacing it but I also don't drive it like Miss Daisy.
  12. In Race and normal, that seems to work. You do really need to mash the pedal to initiate launch mode and then vary the throttle to get the RPM you want
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