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  1. The Unimog was a good looking bit of kit. Many years ago I did some work in the JCB factory, that's a very cool production facility. I like big machines and very big engines, so that ticked both boxes Fasttrack = fastest tractor I believe The World's Fastest Tractor | Guy Martin Proper - YouTube But thought an American beat it, not sure
  2. I have found another element, sorry bit of a rant and nothing to do with the actual work done. But all to do with the company doing it. Visited quite a well know tuner today, the website indicates ECU and DSG tune on VW, but there speciality isn't VW, got there about 15 mins after opening, all quiet. Pulled into carpark, parked up, admiring the selection of very nice cars, more than twice the cost of my bag of bolts. Wasn't out the car but a few secs, and there was a "Can I help", in not the politest of ways, don't get me wrong, but I don't wear a Hugo Boss Suite, or have a
  3. It is good selection of motors. Been a couple of times, and the variety of vehicles is very good, from a lovely looking played with polo up to 720+ RS6 and in between. VW buses were popular last week and of all things a brand new Unimog🤪
  4. @gregozedobe Thanks Greg, I think that must be the one option I may not have tried yet. But certainly much quieter than Normal or Sport, just still not sure how it manages to change it.
  5. Sorry if stupid question, new to the updated golf platform, more used to playing with a MK1 I have a estate and it doesn't have a valved exhaust. When in sport, you can get reasonable pops as bangs as required, slide in to manual and it can be quite fun and predictable. Repeat the above process but in comfort and it is actually quite hard to get any noise, really quite civilized. Change down feels a little different, not so heavy on the declaration. Any one know how this might work, similar to old RS with a drop of fuel, change in timing, gearbox decl as above?
  6. Thanks, much stronger than standard brakes, good way to check the ABS
  7. Hi @v7fmp went for a pootle earlier and grabbed this. Not too bad. Thanks @marshy, brakes are very good.
  8. Does anyone attend this event at Caffeine & Machine at all? SK. StrassenKultur. - Caffeine & Machine (caffeineandmachine.com)
  9. Is anyone else running this setup currently please preferably with the downpipe and high flow cat, non gpf? I am curious to how it sounds I want a little more pop, but not enough to wake the neighbours at 6AM on start up
  10. Thanks @v7fmp I will find or take one and post it. I went to the Full B16 coil over kit, which is the DCC compatible one, the springs are still quite new, but should soften a little I believe, I haven't dropped to much. And yes, I would say that it is a big improvement overstock shocks, in sport, around town it can be harsh, but when up to speed, it seems to soak it up and float across it most of the time. With a couple of other little upgrades, it has become a different car to drive
  11. Thanks @Penguin for the re-assurance, and I have to be honest, on my first visit, it I had a comfy feeling about the work they were doing. Allowed to roam the workshop, just to be nosey, beautifully welded custom exhaust built for a highly modified golf on the two poster, Racing prepped MK1 in a corner(I almost dropped to my knees 😍), and loads of other toys, they certainly seemed to know what they were playing with and a 4 wheel dyno to boot And on last visit, of all things, an absolutely stunning old supercharged BMW, you could have eaten your dinner off anywhere on the car, it w
  12. I need to find somewhere to take some nice pics and a good photographer! @Bowen are you busy lovely pics
  13. Thanks, I prefer more of a sleeper look when possible and an estate always reduces peoples expectations. And it really confuses them when they hear pops and crackles After a couple of months of ownership, an annoying knock on the NSF and a trip to my local independent, a saggy shock was found, whilst changing the top mounts. A pair of front genuine DCC shocks were expensive and Bilstein uprated weren't much more, if they were all replaced it was between £1000-£1400 for shocks, another couple of quid and a B16 Coil over kits is in sight. And what a difference it made, alon
  14. Didn't think I would start a build thread, just planned to enjoy the car as it was, but that didn't last long.
  15. Hi Keithy, thanks for the heads up on the inlet hose, had one let go on Volvo T5, not fun. I am honestly not sure at the moment, but here are a few options I have been considering. Either TVS Unicorn REVO or I also have a another possible option local to me. I've been here a couple of times, Badger5 they do custom I believe, but certainly look to know there stuff. They installed some of my suspension and tracked the car for me, awesome job, car feels like it's on rails 😛. When speaking to them on first visit we chatted briefly about tunes and
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