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  1. Listed in a couple of locations, I'm sure most are familiar. (11) VW Golf MK7 Estate Owners Group | OKAY PEOPLE, the first group event of 2022 is here and it's being hosted by the awesome AceParade | Facebook @aceparade's event on RoadStr |3rd RoadStr Anniversary Drive 3Y RoadStr 6 Feb 2022 | aceparade Hope to see you there & the links work
  2. Have the wheels been changed, if so are they a different offset? Do you have wheel spacers fitted??
  3. The turbo elbow and inlet pipe is an easy DIY job, and shouldn't take too long at all. One bolt and a vacuum hose removal is all that is needed as I recall once the old inlet pipe is removed, just don't drop the bolt . You do need a multi spline tool though for the elbow retaining bolt. Hope that helps.
  4. Hi @Ian S The DCC relates to a plug on the shock which controls it, and yes they are more expensive. It does not need any special equipment to fit other than spring compressors for the front springs. I changed all of my DCC suspension to Bilstein without any issues. Hope that helps.
  5. Sorry, too busy having fun, to wash and a good meet too. , i'll share the prize with @theskivingscholar ūüėõ
  6. I'm not sure on compulsory retests, but completely understand your point, certainly more need to retest, possibly every time you tot up points or loose license??? . Road signs and paint cost the council money, they usually do signage for a reason. I think there are generally two types of drivers. Those who are interested or enjoy the driving experience(Me). Those who need to drive to be somewhere(Wife). But nobody has the perfect drive, the lights thing, I think needs explaining to owners, automatic lights only come on in the dark, there is no fog sensor built in , and
  7. I think I saw your post pop by earlier this morning, and have seen similar items in other places but couldn't find the post on fb again. Yeah would make car ownership a bit boring and almost kills half the forum, mods etc unless internal styling. The way its going, we will all be driving effectively high production disposable 'white' goods soon.
  8. Not sure if this has been mentioned on here. I understand the idea but not for me Do not implement proposed new offences for vehicle "tampering" https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/600954
  9. I made equerries about these VW Golf R MK7.5 - Centre Grille Set| Zunsport They should be in stock early next year hopefully. 'we anticipate being in stock week commencing 17th January 2022'
  10. Could you use something like this, but looks quite expensive, a cheaper option may be available. Parcel forwarding service from Germany and Europe (forward2me.com)
  11. Anyone else fancy a drive out to meet at Caffeine & Machine? @theskivingscholar are you driving straight to C&M or meeting at the leisure centre in Stratford and then down to C&M?
  12. Been running all seasons for the less favourable months(Goodyear Vector 4Seasons) on mine and the wife's cars for a couple of years, very hilly where I live. I'm now on cc2's fitted a couple of weeks ago. I put the summers on the wife's back in March, with 2 new front tyres, then a nail in the sidewall a week later, so the all seasons went back on, and they have been really quite good, but it's not a performance beast, and worn really quite well for a heavy motor.
  13. @theskivingscholar, ticket booked, see you there
  14. Hi @7REAT, I too have B16 installed, did super pro top mounts and new bearings at the same time, I fitted them myself and had the same creaking noises. I then had Badger fit the front rollbar and track the car, I mentioned the creaking to them and asked them to check I hadn't dropped a clanger, they said all was good that could be seen and felt without disassembly. I wasn't sure what might be the cause as I replaced several items at once, but thought it was the bearing, but sounds like it is the B16s. Been on for a few months now and all seems problem free(Touch wood) Sorry if
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