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  1. I came home yesterday to find a vehicle parked outside my driveway but the driver had broken down, all they needed was a jump start but my neighbour came outside with this little Aukey portable power bank jump starter which was really good & started the car no problems, very compact & neat, easy to keep in the car for any emergences etc. Does anyone on here own one? & if so, can you recommend one. Thanks.
  2. Very sorry to hear this but glad you & the family are ok, as I've said before & been slatted for saying so " The police are just a private security firm for the queen" When are people going to realise that they are just not interested in real crime as it involves to much work, every story I see be it online or even the newspapers, the police just don't give a monkeys (but they have time for stop n search) but when a real actual crime has taken place & been reported there not interested in the slightest. No wonder why most of the public have no respect towards the police, to get respect you must earn it & that as a fact is something the police is not doing, plain n simple.
  3. Thanks mate, I did check with someone else who also confirmed L041 as my vin number has 41 at the end of the rear diffuser paint code etc. So just ordered the genuine vw touch up paint 😎
  4. Hi folks Someone today tapped my rear diffuser when they was parking, I was sat in the car when I felt the little nudge so I got out & said to the person "you just nudged my car" & straightaway they denied it, lol, there ain't hardly any damage at all apart from a little paint chip dot (lucky) really. So my question is does anyone know the black colour paint code for the mk7.5 rear diffuser as it just needs a touch jobby. Thanks.
  5. absolutely disgusting, but in my view I still strongly feel that the police need to do more, this is why these scumbags do this...
  6. Recommend VW Kings Lynn (Marriott Motor Group) They had my vehicle in for warranty work repairs: New diff (internally failed & cracked cassing) which was leaking oil, just over (16,000) miles on the clock 😳 Re-gassed air con. (As had a squeaking noise at 22°c) Changed a rear headrest. Carried out visual health check which was all visually ok (green across the whole board) via video, didn't wash my car as per my request & kept in contact with me from the moment my vehicle arrived at there dealership to the moment of collection so I can not fault them if I'm honest on anything, really fantastic service throughout. No marks to any exterior or interior of my car so it was definitely looked after while in their care & all done within 1 week so a big thumbs up from me 👍 If only London dealerships had the same work ethic (hint hint to Alan Day)
  7. Thanks for that link 😎👍 will be using that company for when I do a oil & filter change, they even have an additional 22% off of genuine VW brakes at the moment.
  8. Yes I spoke to Maxton about 3 months ago & they said to me that they have taken this variant off of the shelf as they reckon people had issue's with this certain model, Maxton did say to me just keep an eye out as something might pop up but I very much doubt it! Seeing that the Mk8 is out why would they even bother now with the Mk7.5?
  9. Maxton don't seem to sell the V6 anymore, seems very hard to source one? found one on German eBay but the sellers feedback ain't great & doesn't show p&p price for the UK, where did you get your one from? or have you had it for a while.
  10. As much as the silver alloys really suit the car & gives it the more of a clean look, I really think the bronze alloys you had looked better (just my opinion) but either way the silver looks fab 😎 did you also change the front splitter? Is that a Maxton v6 design variant?
  11. Within the Starline app once connected via Bluetooth, press the settings cog top right corner & then click on "Stay Awake" that might help you out. Also check your Bluetooth settings via the Bluetooth from the actual iPhone to see the settings cog & make sure input device is enabled.
  12. Managed to sort it, had to unpair phone completely & re-add again, now all is working as it did so if anyone gets this fault with the call log/history. Must be a bug somewhere in the software/firmware.
  13. Hi Everyone A simple quick question regards bluetooth call history via Android? Especially with mobile phones laws etc. Does anyone know that when you connect your android via bluetooth if your call history should be displayed on the MFD? I've noticed recently that my history is not there from calls made during the day via my mobile but if I make a call via bluetooth then the call history is there but just for that call etc so basically every time I get in the car the MFD call history is not there always empty unless I make a call via the bluetooth? I'm sure it use to carry my history over from my phone throughout the day to the MFD? TIA 😎
  14. Thanks @Bodyboarder81 Do you have a car or estate? See I really liked the MD v.6 but MD has pulled these off the shelf & as much as I didn't like the look of the v.7 in MD site, it actually really looks a lot better on your vehicle, doe's it have enough ground clearance at all.
  15. You sure it's the v3? Thought the v3 has flicks on the outside, could you possibly post a link to your one if you don't mind. Thanks.
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