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  1. Anyone done just a back-box delete on their Mk7.5 GPF Estate? 1) Any difference between the estate version & hatch model when doing just a back-box delete? 2) Is it to loud all the time? 3) Any drone? 4) Any vids you can show/post. & would you say it's money well spent? Any pro's or con's to doing just a back-box delete as oppose to say a cat-back system or full system? Thanks 😎
  2. Welcome aboard 😎
  3. Welcome Aboard 😎


    Chao Bello 😎 Welcome
  5. Argh ok 😎 I did see few youtube vids last night & some folk that have the GPF cars have just done a back-box delete? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CI1ridhO8jY Seems the cheaper & better option for a bit of noise.
  6. So just to clear things up & for my understanding of this! If you have a mk7.5 estate with a GPF will one of these resonator deletes mentioned in this thread be needed? & if I want that type of sound as shown in the Instagram video. Thanks.

    Hello Peeps

    The mirror caps came with the car (believe part of the black pack) package, you might be able to get a set from ebay or maybe check the classified section on here as some do change to carbon ones.

    Hello Peeps

    I did order the mk8 ones but Lockwood contacted me to inform me of a slight raised lip on the sills & even though they will fit, they won't fit perfectly & can potentially cause scratches due to the extra raised lip.

    Hello Peeps

    So got the full Lockwood door sills set but only decided to fit the following as I'm not a fan of to much chrome but the quality is fantastic from Lockwood 😎 Spot on service from them & thanks to @Booth11 for giving me the discount code 👍
  10. BATVAN

    Hello Peeps

    Ordered R sills from Lockwood so there schedule for delivery today, also purchased oil from opie oils, first class service from Tim 👍 Even though the car had an oil service in February 2021 from VW I purchased the car in June 2021 so always like to take out the old oil & refill with new for peace of mind etc.
  11. BATVAN

    Hello Peeps

    Received my new DSG paddles from nczworks via their eBay listing, ordered on the 27th June & all received today, fitted & tested so not bad service especially as there all the way from the USA😎 I'm well happy with them 👍
  12. Regards rear badge guys for the Mk7.5 I purchased this set below, comes with front & rear badge but I only used the rear badge, the front I'm not so keen on! the rear is a straight stick on over the existing vw chrome badge. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VOLKSWAGEN-GOLF-BLACK-BADGE-MK7-5-FRONT-REAR-2017-2020-/224489451798?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 As for the front badge I purchased from here (link below) I chose the 2nd photo (old style vw logo) but he does custom ones to how you want. https://www.eb
  13. Actually that Maxton splitter looks very good, has the right amount of aggression but not to much and also the lines follow suit. What version is that Maxton splitter?
  14. @Penguin I'm either thinking ppf option as you have mentioned or also thinking to take a gamble and buy the superskoda one & just make it fit knowing it will have a match of what I'm trying to achieve.
  15. I use to have a glossy black rear bumper protector on my vRS (link below) http://www.kopacek.com/Skoda/OCTAVIA-III/Octavia-III-Combi-RS-Facelift-2017-original-Skoda-rear-bumper-protective-panel-GLOSSY-BLACK It seems I can't find any of this available style or colour for the VW Golf R estate? Can anyone share any information where I can buy one from or something very similar. Thanks.
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