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  1. We were told that VW is prioritising the R model over the others. Quite likely true as our daughter ordered an R-Line the week before we ordered our R. Hers doesn’t even have a build date yet and we have our car…
  2. We use the Karcher professional range (the grey ones). They're on another level of build quality to the yellow ones...
  3. To further muddy it for me, the Dynaudio was in a much smaller cabin than the HK I have now. Also, the Dynaudio sub was bolted into the space saver wheel, where the HK is just under the floor without a wheel around it...
  4. Our new Tig R has the HK speaker upgrade, and our old 7.5 Golf R had the Dynaudio upgrade. Anyone else think the Dynaudio sounds better? Sub in the HK is on max in the settings to get it to do much at all...
  5. Still better than I’m doing - 34 is highest so far, but it is fun! Lowest for a complete journey was 21 after a B road blast - you can certainly feel the difference in weight between it and a Golf when braking!
  6. Quite happy with it - in race on a dodgy B road surface it’s a bit stiff, but you’d expect that… in normal sport setting on something like a motorway / decent A road its fine. Came to it from a Golf R and similar to that really… (Haven’t really tried the Comfort setting.)
  7. The photo on the configuration were the seats I have. In the brochure it mentions integrated headrest on the leather seats, but they don’t ever seem to have been fitted in a Tiguan…
  8. Did an A road run for about another 110 miles yesterday and got 33mpg (traffic was flowing pretty much all the way, so not much stopping/starting). Have to say I'm pretty impressed its that much!
  9. Did 165 miles yesterday on motorways, A & B roads getting an average of 29.1mpg. Not too bad considering it's size - I think our old 7.5R would have got around 33mpg on a similar trip.
  10. Engine bay shots are quite different from the same ad! My old Mk1 is SORN, so hopefully someone will put it back on the road...
  11. Yep - no spare (and I don't think VW make one that will fit over the brakes!) The cloth seats have integrated headrests, but not the leather ones sadly...
  12. I did think that as well - but wonder if it's just the pads bedding in...
  13. My OH has one for her daily driver - I've only driven it properly once, but I have to say that it certainly lives up to its hype! She had an Abarth 595 Competizione before it, and I always thought that was a bit rubbish (except the exhaust noise!) In comparison, the GR is amazing in everything except the exhaust noise!
  14. Some more pics attached. The roof makes it feel very airy inside - with the blind closed it's surprising how dark it feels. Fuel economy on the few short trips I've done isn't great though! The HK speaker upgrade adds the variable boot floor which has 2 positions with the sub fitted. Still plenty of space around the sub to keep bits though. Even has a shaver socket in the boot for some reason!
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