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  1. I spoke to a mechanic who I know and he is coming to check it out and fit a new one! only costing £190 fitted and that's with him coming to my house to fit
  2. Ah well never mind I guess! That's very true! I went on halfords and euro car parts, they came up £112 and £300 respectively. Would you recommend the latter?
  3. The car is 65 plate. I took out a 36 month extended warranty with the dealership. I will have a re-read through the documents and see if that will be covered, but to be honest I know what they can be like when it comes to fixing things under warranty... Anyway they can get out of it, they will.
  4. I don't believe that I do have original warranty, is there anyway of checking this? The dealer didn't mention it
  5. My milage is currently 35120 , yeah the dash cam has been hardwired in, by parkmode do you mean that it comes in if it detects movement? if so, then I believe it does! Would a battery be covered under a dealership warranty?
  6. Hey people! My car sometimes struggles to start after a day or sometimes around 8 hours of being switched off? I have had a dash cam fitted in properly at halfords and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with this or not? It worries me as I have had the car around 3 months now. Do you think I should take it back to Halfords and get them to check the fitting of the dash cam? thanks all
  7. But they catch you going 32 in a 30 and they have all the resources in the world! Why? because real crime doesn't fund them! Absolute joke these days!
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