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  1. I heard similar rumors from US in that respect but when they look at the invoice it says “replacement” so no one really knows I’d guess that if and once a wide and inclusive recall is decided on we will all hear about it
  2. I’d never go for lowering without swapping dampers as well matching between spring and damper is critical to behavior and comfort
  3. Smiles per gallon if it improves grip or control or comfort it may be worth the extra fuel waiting for your judgement (or opinion)
  4. We should be feline positive
  5. Are those for a 7.5R ? Why is the ride so shocking ?
  6. Music to the ears of any internet-riding car geek 🙂
  7. Midnight Good nickname for a black car
  8. I can tell you they do it with engines They refurbish ones that were taken out (in their Hungarian factory) and send them back to shops around the world as replacement engines for warranty work I’m not sure they are obliged to supply a new part Refurbished may very well be an option If they reupholster the wheel, and swap whats needed. The internal steel parts are not worn significantly over time
  9. That is very good news IMO It should shorten wait time and allow them to do a voluntary recall (As it would cost much less) Can you post the photo of that document up here ? Personally, if I needed a SW fix (maybe in the future) I’d much prefer they change some electronics in it and keep my steering wheel as it is. I love my wheel and don’t want less plush leather nor do I want a flat belly-button-less airbag cover.
  10. I wish I could buy Akra style tips and replace mine Those perforated titanium beauties and perfection
  11. Mine is only at 4k km Rumor has it they really open up at 10k I feel no need to change it except for the tips maybe they are a bit chunky
  12. Akra is the only thing I would have liked to have it looks and sounds amazing and fits the car perfectly (If M+/S+ came alone, I’d want it too) But even without the Akra they did some great acoustic design with no resonator or soft limiter it makes me feel young again … great fun
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