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  1. Interesting Is that specific for mk 8 ?
  2. IIRC Mk3 was sold 1991 to 1998, when the mk4 I had just came out, and stayed on until 2004. So, that’s 6-7 years per Gen. Then, the mk5 was sold 2005-2008 followed by the (actually FL of 5) mk6 @ 2009-2012. So, 7-8 years divided into 2 Gen’s. Them mk7 came in 2013 and stayed until 2017, when the 7.5 replaced it, and was sold until 2020. so again 7-8 years divided into 2 sub-Gen’s. I’d venture a guess that 2025 will show a change, not sure how significant. Maybe the R will get an Edition 20 all by itself. That should be interesting as well.
  3. I’m pretty sure they are not making the 1.6 in any of those markets anymore, since 2012/3. The Polo (and Ibiza) used to have its 1.4 sibling all the way up until 2014/5, but only in models made in India. VW claims all mk8 Golfs are made in Wolfsburg, so if that’s the case, I wouldn’t expect any Golf 8 to come with that old engine. Unless they have another plant making it (SA maybe ?)
  4. Exactly what I was asking. Thank you. Very weird it shows non-existent engines as atmospheric 1.6 are not in use in Golfs for almost a decade now
  5. I pray for this to be legal here as well No hole 2D license plates would be a dream come true https://licenseplatewrap.com
  6. Why does it say 1.6L at the upper left part ? The regular Golf comes with either 1.5 or 1.0 engines (see below a part of the PDF manual found online) Are we sure this is from a Golf 8 manual ?
  7. I do wonder how they calculate the engine power or dynos, as the dyno can only directly measure power at the wheels (that is the only interface), so it must be some estimate aged calculation that is based on assumptions, which is why dyno results differ … why don’t people co are power at the wheel ? that should be very similar, as it is measured directly, not estimated.
  8. Ask them for one with a cover :-)
  9. I am not so sure there will be a facelift for the 8. Have a feeling they do their FL through SW. MK 7.5 included a gearbox change (major thing), but the mk5 and mk6 (which is a mk 5 FL really) are very similar except for aesthetics (and 10hp).
  10. Same with the S3 in 2017 Went from 280 to 290 (FL or 8V2)
  11. I preferred Apr 2021, should be built next week. Hopefully I’ll get what I ordered and not a MY23. Some rumors about +10 HP (like 7.5 vs 7) not more. I fear it may come with additional downgrades (lights etc). I don’t hate piano black parts, but only vertical, not horizontal. I actually think “scratchy” rugged matte plastic that is made thick and of good quality, would feel much more premium than glossy painted-over thin plastic, which I’d bet is the case.
  12. I like to watch his videos, because he is amiiyingky particular and therefore zooms in and gives me a view of many parts of the car I’m interested in, nd that no other vlogger spends camera time on. But although I “just” disagree with most that he says, he once gave me a good laugh, when he mentioned that the direction of the holes on all the brake discs of the rs3 are in the same pattern, therefore they are pointing forward in one side and back on the other (get this) causing uneven cooling between the side (bullocks, of course) to the extent you could feel it on track. That was a fun day f
  13. I was actually referring to my own panties not being in a knot (as someone who still didn’t they his car)
  14. Maybe anniversary Maybe estate (cause it’s heavier) 10 horses more but same torque probably just a tune tweak or could even be the same engine - rated different like in US it’s 315 and not 320, and 295 and not 310) I wouldn’t get my panties in a knot over it
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