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  1. The computer noticed slip before you do (call it pre-slip) and mitigates power to slipping wheels so they don’t slip, so, even if you don’t feel slip, it can still be the case that tyre grip limits the power a wheel will get, and therefore will change the 0-60 (0-100) time. Also, it is claimed that 18’s get better time than 19’s. (drag cars usually have fat tyres, maybe it helps) I used a free app on my iPhone, and ran 3-4 runs of 0-100 kph and got 4 sec flat each time (two different stretches of road, back and forth). Running 18” MPS5, lightest config (no sunroof, no electric seats, no rear wing), on a relatively warm day. Plus, the tyres were nice and warm after a 20+ km highway drive.
  2. I think better tyres can do tremendous difference Also weather and runway quality The 8R reportedly can do 4.0 to 60 and 4.3 to 62 (from rollout, with the right tyres and conditions) Did you measure from 1-foot rollout, or from standstill ?
  3. OUG1 is an old update My car came with1896 and it was my first after it came nearly half a dozen others or more spaced a month or two apart I think 1896 was first to allow OTA So maybe you are just getting them all now
  4. I’ll try and emotionally blackmail my shop to upgrade me to 1969 when I go in for another scan and to check the seat back in June I’m hoping I will also get an engine cover by then
  5. I think they send security updates as small packets, to all OS versions.
  6. I’m gonna ask for 1969 in June Mine is a MY22 so am not sure it’s eligible for it But will try
  7. We live in the golden age of tyres Among other things EVs have pushed tyre makers to design more durable tyres (EVs kill tyres, do to weight and torque pulses) So now we have a tyre for almost every flavour
  8. I'm not justifying it, just explaining the logic ... 🙂
  9. Yeah, it is really less impressive when it is the VW as it looks the same rotating and upright (just a bunch of lines). The R make it more significant I guess.
  10. I think the US/Can/NAR models had this issue that it couldn’t be cancelled Are you in North America on SW version 1880 ?
  11. Sounds like you had fun Tail out can happen in a torque vectoring car nearly every corner can be flipped with some gas I swapped the bridged out after 1k km got me some MPS5 and I’m extremely happy with them Priced lower than MPS4S and easier to find for 18” It does 95% of the what the 4S does and better in wet
  12. It is a simple thing, really, they don’t want people to come in for diagnostics every time they feel something is up, so they put a prohibitive price on it, that will ensure that you will request it only if you feel it is absolutely necessary. However, if you complain about a problem and they find an issue that is fixed under warranty, then the diagnostic is on them, since it is a part of diagnosing and solving a warranty-covered issue.
  13. Yes, but I hope for GW to be an option for me on year 3, we’ll see. Come June I’ll go to the shop for a scan, and see what’s what. Media unit, I’d the the 5F module ? Funny it costs more than a new steering wheel (IIRC).
  14. No, I didn’t. I thought only the R came in dynamic. Not sure about the members here but almost no one I know IRL has those items you mentioned 🙂
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