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  1. One question, and I may be completely off here, but you refer to these issues as ACC problems But aren’t they mostly Travel Assist issues ? As I understand it: ACC is keeping you at the speed you set or the speed of the car in front of you, the lower of the two. Lane Assist warns and partially prevents you from exiting your lane without turning signal or force application on the steering wheel. Travel Assist combines the two with a “stay in center” strategy for the Lane Assist and a “follow allowed speed signs” strategy for the ACC Not sure if that’s helpful in any way, but may benefit us
  2. I wonder how they’d look naked i.e. without the shiny tips on them Definitely be more stealth Probably soon we could purchase smaller tips aftermarket (If they make a grey set, it would be great). Do you think the 7R/S3 tips could fit ? It is just a sleeve so it’s all about diameter, as taking off and replacing aught to be a cinch.
  3. I just park in reverse, so I see the grill when I come to the car in the morning ;-)
  4. That is perfection right there ! The after market ones look too big or too close together, those are just tight size and shape, and perfectly spaced.
  5. My spouse has a saying: You mostly regret things you don’t do more than you regret things you do And to add on too of that, as long as it doesn’t keep food off your table, the money will be forgotten while the bass sound of the Akra will play on and on :-) Disclaimer: I didn’t order Akra, but for me it’s twice as much money, and I prefer to stay as stealth as possible, police wise (They like sporty looking or sounding cars. A friend with a GTI 8 just got pulled over and ticketed for pops and bangs in his very stock car. He will get it cancelled, but still annoying).
  6. Cupra, BMW … it’s all coming together now
  7. Swap them … and don’t look back (sell the originals, or keep them as spares) It’s pointless to have such a fabulous car with diminished grip, just to save 500£ (or even less), as if you had a “added grip package” for 500£ you would have ticked that box, with no doubt in your mind. The bias of “already having” the BS, is misleading, and my thoughts are you should enjoy the car as best you can, and sell them to the buyer. Also, the grippier the tire the shorter its life span. So if the BS’s have less grip they will last forever. Or … you can take them on track days. A few of these helped me
  8. It’s very simple IMHO It makes sense that in the hands of a master driver, who lives on the ring, the lighter more nimble car would be faster. The trick with the R is what a less skilled “normal” driver can do with it, which is pretty awesome for us humans :-)
  9. It’s from around here A brand new GTI 8 (had Estorils, broke one, switched yo these) It’s a 19 I believe, but will ask and edit this post with the answer. I also think grey would look better but I do like the black on red theme
  10. If it’s an eSim it’s a part of the circuitry not an actual SIM card
  11. I know it’s not a R, but it is a 8, and it looks really good with that set of OEM black Pretoria wheels (this was the guy who broke an Estoril on a pothole, ordered a new one, then changes his mind and got Pret’s)
  12. I think if your camera install guy was professional it also wouldn’t happen … I’d expect a compensation from him, for the grief Andy time waste he caused you.
  13. As they say about stock market crashes A crisis is an opportunity to relocate money from the less patient to the more patient Dealer usually know they shit (business-wise, not tech) If they hoard They know winter is coming
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