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  1. You can easily swap to aftermarket 18”, or find someone who got originality with 18” and wants to swap (maybe even get you some extra £). I had a mk6 GTI back in 2013 and it had 19s on, which made it dreadfully hard (just like my current S3 :-) so I bought a set of original GTI wheels (17s with 6mts old PS3s) that someone swapped and sold my 19s for more that what I paid. The ride became so much nicer and livable, and grip/performance wasn’t hurt one bit. I think 19 give very little in way of handling, and maybe more in visual effect. IMHO of course, as ETTO.
  2. Looks great ! Those aren’t 17” right ?
  3. I love it as well, especially because it helps me keep my speed at bay. A friend of mine (S1 purist :-) makes fun of me that I bought a sporty car and I don’t even drive it myself :-) So going on 90-110kph roads, I put it at 20+ and I’m good, as speedometer speed is about 5-kph above real speed (GPS) and enforcement is done at 20% above limit or more. What I do encounter as issue, is that when the road is curved it can sometimes “see” a car in the other lane and slow/brake for it, as it doesn’t seem to consider the steering angle. Hopefully in the newer cars it’s been improved and they take
  4. He just wants to make money from talking on YouTube, and talking smack pays better than talking praise. IMHO
  5. Wow First off, amazing knowledge you have, bro. Second, 2,000 car/day. Proper quick that is.
  6. Not talking about lead times. We all know they are long. AMG are quoting 10-12 months. I’m referring to the miscommunication and dates fluctuating erratically, like BW set and then moved, delivery dates that moved, and cars stuck in built status but are not becoming built. Some said it is semi-built and then parked, while the reason remains unknown - is it because they wait for a specific item, or did they make way for a huge batch of identical 100,000 cars to make for NA, so they can still get it there before thanksgiving ... I’d bet it’s the latter.
  7. I was told not to speak of it in this thread, but, I think it is relevant to orders and deliveries in UK and EU. Would be interesting to check the hypothesis that they halted EU/UK production to allow partial production for US/Canada, so they don’t miss the Q4/21 launch in NA.
  8. I know ! It even had a PN but it seems completely aftermarket, and (most importantly) it is not offered anywhere in Europe (checked Germany, Hungary and a few more). This one actually looks more OEM, although it is clearly Chinese:
  9. Assuming the R would take me happy for a few years, and RS3 with torque-splitter is definitely a possibility, but my last ICE car would be a Cayman GTS, if I can manage it. It’s my favorite looking car, no an excellent one to drive (as the GT4 is terrible as a daily). I just hope my financials and my back, will both allow it, when the time comes :-)
  10. I want a dash cam but hate all the cheap crap sold today, even if it’s wrapped in nice plastics, and I can’t stand how it sticks out. Just came across a couple of smart looking options. First one is supposed to have a VW/Audi PN but it seems completely aftermarket, so I’m not sure. Second is a Garmin mini 2, that seems just tiny and invisible, and even their logo is “set it and forget it”. https://www.partshaus.co.uk/products/audi-universal-traffic-recorder-utr-dashcam-camera-front-4g0063511e https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/731428 Also saw some cars with integrated camera, that sticks ou
  11. I don’t want to become persona non-grata here, but, I’m a bit surprised at you guys and the drama you allow this issue to generate in you. Have you ever seen a movie where all is well ? Did you ever read a newspaper, and focused on the “all is good” section ? No ! Which makes sense, because people get excited and engaged by discourse and dilemma, or even danger and violence, so anyone who’s livelihood is based on media traction and following must create drama or the dust will set upon him. If you get engaged and excited about it, then they succeeded, as that is the goal ;-) Like Liz Taylo
  12. I think their sidewall is stiffer Better in cornering (less elasticity) Noisier on commute
  13. Apologies. My fault. Logic was: WW releases and prices are related to orders and deliveries. I can move it somewhere else if you think relevant.
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