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  1. Oh, the wheel is mysterious and full of wonders just try stuff, you’ll reveal a new feature every day 🙂
  2. No doubt Much more versatile and pleasant to use soft press, deep press, swipe … all in one button
  3. Sorry for the dumb question, but, are you should you have heated rear seats ? Ive heard they are a separate option from the fronts (don’t have heated seats myself, so only based on rumors)
  4. I hope the R keeps its haptic wheel it is nothing short of awesome tech and I love using it
  5. As far as I could tell, it is an aftermarket product made for VW (or Audi) that VW in some countries offer as OE (haven’t seen it in any EU dealer sites). Somewhat like the HomeLink rear view mirror that are VW US branded aftermarket (with VW PN and all). I’ll have a look and update once I find the original brand name. It is a shame they don’t offer real plug&play VW camera, that can be controlled from the main screen, and show footage on it (and won’t require running wiring and memory sticks and apps). https://carousell.app.link/mmbZZfKMpvb
  6. I wouldn’t bother unless I saw anything wrong going on Don’t take my words as professional recommendation This is only my personal opinion
  7. Up to and excluding 180kW, so I’ve heard here (not UK though), when going with a GTI8 owner friend to the shop where they put the cover in, and then the manager came out running and shouting “take it out” then explaining that they are leaving the performance cars with no cover for safety purposes. So, it is either that they are making a difference one for performance cars, or that they are leaving us without the, (or the shop are just making it up as they go along). But seems to me if someone with a GTI/R got one put on at the shop as replacement, it may have been a mistake.
  8. As someone who waited “only” 15 months I can just try and console you with the notion that the wait increases excitement and appreciation so you will enjoy it more when it does come Plus, the later you get it, the fewer bugs it‘ll have (hopefully).
  9. We are fan-folk (fanboys, generalized) we will bitch and moan and cry in agony and then go out and buy another VAG car They’re marketing teams know it so we may as well make peace with it 🙂
  10. It handles beautifully they did some magic on it
  11. I think Evo lost their way a long time ago (not referring to this topic in specific) When personnel change as quickly as they do these days, it is hard to maintain organizational DNA, and I think that’s what happened there.
  12. Interesting so before the service it happened a lot ? Mine was in Race (gear in S) after several minutes of vigorously chasing a green wave (so also relatively hard driving) and presented itself as I slowed to near halt as well, just before coming to a complete stop, and i think it also went to 1st gear. But mine sounded like friction, for half a second like a stone in the brake disc or a slipping MT clutch. It happened just one time and haven’t come back since (so far) After riding a DQ381 for 5 years nearly, clunking in a DQ381’s way to let you know it is working properly 🙂 so I’m anxious but to a moderate degree
  13. What a beautiful ! Just like my ‘73 same color and all just I didn’t have headrests or the white reverse part in the tail lights (don’t have pics since that was the early nineties 🙂
  14. 70’s beetles were a blast, weren’t they ?
  15. Biblical indeed 🙂 That’s a shame I’m fine with the control (no need for light) and love the haptic wheel (amazingly versatile) People whine and the new VW boss is too sensitive
  16. Each button has a full set of memories (so you can have 1-2-3 for key 1 and three others for key 2) I think the key also remembers your other preferences (short it menu, interior light, menu arrangement, dashboard view etc) - tried it only once (I’m usually with the same key)
  17. Hope it goes away by itself (happens in the 8, I’ve heard)
  18. @Nurdle Do you know your production date ? Can’t remember if I’ve put mine up on here back when it came (August) So here it is now production date was June 8th, 2022 (MY22).
  19. To everything, there is a season, and a thread to every purpose under the heaven.
  20. You can change your signature … not wasting anymore 🙂 As per Lane assist, was it raining when it came up ?
  21. I managed to get a EU dealer and the importer not clean it, so it came dusty and swirl-less, but I wasn’t able to stop them from putting screws in my bumpers. Awesome puddles lights I love the blue front badge too Did you check what yourself software version is ? I think MY23 comes with 1898 as standard but should be interesting to see Also, if your car was a show car, it may be the reason for all the fault codes (they connect it to AC to keep battery up) Let us know if it persists or if it goes away after some driving.
  22. Haven’t bought it yet but am seriously considering (they don’t ship to my geo, I sent them a message) I was hoping it will make life easier for my son when I pick him up and he puts his bag in the boot. I just hope it doesn’t do the opposite. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284849681368 https://www.vw-retrofit.co.uk/product/golf-mk8-hatchback-boot-pop-up-kit/ Charles Shackelford (Humble Mechanic) wrote that he found it too hard to close, so he went back to originals. Everyone are on about prop-rod-gate, but to me this seems a much more useful mod, since I open the boot almost daily, and the bonnet maybe once a month. Also seems like an easy install, that doesn’t require to have anything moved (coolant hose) or disassembled (prop rod).
  23. Upload a pic of your mirror base as seen from outside through the windscreen I will tell you what you have there
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