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  1. Didnt even consider it when ordering or know about it, ordered a Golf R for the overall car, still dont know what benefits an eSim gives me. 😬
  2. Amusingly, or not, our car is coming with 19" wheels but I forgot to ask which ones in my haste to get it secured......just hoping its not the black ones. 😁
  3. Ah shame, no road trip for me. 😐 Delivery confirmed next Tuesday. 😬
  4. Like Apple....Overly expensive products, massively unintuitive OS, crazy shortcuts you need 2 hands for, 😪 thats not a good thing. 😬😉
  5. Silver works, you can actually see the exhaust, black tips(like black wheels) just look dirty!
  6. Well, got our reg number now! but the lease company wont deliver it to our house, only to wife's head office(who deal with the lease) which is 200 miles away. HR lady is arguing with them, awaiting outcome, I may be in for a nice train journey. 😅
  7. 340i was delivered on a truck, current(soon to be ex) Astra was delivered by someone driving it, just waiting for details on the Golf delivery.....if its someone driving it I will either ask for truck delivery or to go and collect it myself. The lease company does include delivery just have to wait and see if its truck or driven. I wasn't fussed with the Astra as it was just a cheap interim car.
  8. We just need a VW insider to release their source control release notes. 😅
  9. Shame they dont open source the code, though that could lead to some crazy stuff. 😅
  10. Damn right, I started throwing a few things in my basket from a detailing website to refresh some of my aging stuff and was over £200 before I knew it. 😅
  11. Hmm thats crazy, my quotes are still the same (around £380 for myself and the wife fully comp)....still waiting on a delivery date but had best not go up in the next week! 😅
  12. Doesnt sound too different there. Both sound good. 😀
  13. Love the white, actually like it the best, shame I was too impatient to wait for the white order. 😅
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