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  1. Just a quick bump to see if anyone is interested in joining us on a stand at gti Festival 10th of October santa pod
  2. Hi all, Let's make this show stand happen we need a minimum of 10.
  3. Me and my son would be interested just got myself a golf r a couple of weeks ago and my son picks one up Thursday. He's just signed up on here user name That_Black7R.
  4. 1st set of photos only had the golf a week.
  5. Well you have cost me some more 💰. That sits perfect!!!! Where did you find the best place to buy the springs. It looks stunning and makes the Prets look massive. Thanks kev
  6. Thanks yours Looks stunning mate how low do the vwr springs go and are the wheels in line with the arch now. I've heard there very tunable there a couple near me both pushing around 500hp.
  7. Only had the golf a week but so far so good. I did not want the rs great car but it would be like sitting in my focus and with the money I spent I wanted to feel that I've had a change. So the golf yes loads better to drive than my St the st always felt like your driving in treacle around town it went well but also felt sluggish were as the golf just feels nice. The spec of the golf: indium gray black Pretoria acc Dynaudio rear camera …. just all nice. I've ordered bigger gear shifters and will be lowering it and spacing the wheels out to sit right on the arches ( any Info on what spacers siz
  8. Thanks Rebecca and Gaz It was was a very nice car that got commented on all the time so was a big decision for me to change it. But let's see what will be changed on the golf.
  9. This is the car before my golf r.The golf drives so much better. Can't wait to start playing around with it
  10. Thanks kev at least I know now whats to be done to get it sorted. 👍
  11. Ahhh so there not standard mirror indicators I thought they were. I thought it was strange they only showed at night on the left side anyway and intermittently on the right.
  12. I'm unable to get the attachment feature I tried on my Samsung phone & ipad I've tried Google chrome , samsung Internet, duckduck go and I cannot get it to to show attach file. I've cleared my cache cookies. I will keep at it.
  13. Tried every thing to get it to allow to attack files only way for me at the mom is tapatalk I'd sooner just use the site not tapatalk. Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
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