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  1. I've changed the top mounts now with new ones all new bolts and correct torque setting. Still creaking I'm thinking maybe the drop links?? Any help on this would be appreciated I'm going to try some iol around the lower drop link mounts. See if that help. I also thought of taking the drop links off and go for a little drive see if that eliminates the creaking.
  2. For the past couple off months every time I've gone on the app I don't receive a credit. Has any one else had this issue.
  3. I'll be ordering some new top mounts hopefully this will resolve the creaking. Any recommendations for which to go for as I have the vwr springs fitted.
  4. Thanks I did not replace the top mount bolts or bearing. I did refit the strut again and it was fine it's started doing it again on the n/s front only corner that had the problem so I'll try some new bolts. Thanks
  5. Hi all, I've fitted some vwr springs recently and now at low speeds it sounds as if there's a creaking sound coming from the front end possibly top suspension mounts bet sure. I'm just asking if anyone else as experienced this Any help advice would be appreciated. Thanks kev
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