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  1. Picked up today from james! the wait is finally over, great far so far!
  2. Sounds unlikely, your car is sitting next to ours hanging out no doubt. Hopefully on the back of a transporter on its way to wherever it needs to be!
  3. Bw34, got an update this morning: Good morning Isaac, Thank you for the email. It has now been assigned to a boat for shipping across to the UK. i assume the rest of us who have been waiting with a BW34 for a ship will also receive the same email
  4. Thanks so much for the info. so perhaps a sub and an amp could be a huge improvement based on the notes given?
  5. Curious as to the quality. I had a Tesla rental and was really impressed by the sound system on that. also if it’s a poor system, any ideas on the options in the aftermarket within a 1-2k budget?
  6. Ah mate that’s great news! im even more excited now since we’re the same BW and same dealer, who knows maybe we will bump into eachother on collection day!
  7. thats great news! For you absolutely… but also for me as I have the same BW as you, do you know when exactly they started building? Seems like they started mine a couple weeks after the confirmed BW. So hopefully I should be getting a similar email in the next couple of weeks. congrats brother look forward to seeing some pics!
  8. That’s a copy paste of the exact email I got from them too
  9. executive.office@volkswagen.co.uk I emailed them my order number and where I ordered from and they gave me details on the stage at the factory
  10. the executive office gave way more info than Medway, great to know the car has started being built so will be with me within the next month or so. im sure it’s the same story for you, the woe seems to come from waiting for a confirmed build week, we’ve overcome that hump now, our cars will be with us soon!
  11. Nope, not stressed though we’re in the home stretch, no more build weeks getting pushed back it will be delivered earliest end of this month, latest sometime in October. Nearly there! I’ll ask for an update now
  12. uk PCP through Medway VW (drive the deal) spec: lapiz PP
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