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  1. Ive go to ask, on the RTS clutch front what will you do if you go above 420lbft of torque?
  2. HI Everyone long time forum reader first time joiner/poster The whole VW manual tuning scene seems to have been held back by the lack of proper clutch technology for manual cars, This has resulted in owners of manual 2.0tfsi VAG cars being pushed into having to stick with their DMF + uprated clutch OR ending up with sachs sport SMF (Typically from euro car parts). Where does that leave an manual VAG owner? You're stuck with a DMF and a reliable maximum of 420lbft Or stuck with a ceramic sprung SMF from sachs that's only good for 450 lb ft or have a rigid paddle which wears out very quickly and is harsh. But there is an alternative DMF+ clutch 18.9kg (apx) shipping weight 20kg (so effectively any sports clutch supplier that fits oe DMF) Sachs SMF kit 14kg apx shipping weight 14.7kg Xtreme Twin plate organic 14kg (shipping weight 14.6) https://www.xtremeclutch.co.uk/search/kvw23698/ This is the organic twin (885lbft) clutch pack being usedin: 1038bhp focus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_f4cLvMXh4 1056bhp focus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJKK1z1HGxQ and winner of the 2019 FWD time attack class ( Dream FK8 civic 430bhp) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ls0WEdCuERI the car was also their daily driver and development car. This is the road drivable twin carbon pack (1275lbft) being used in Andy forrests 7sec impreza https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cB3B4aDq6do This is the road drivable twin ceramic version (1325lbft) being used by Duane Mckeever in the BDC https://www.thebritishdriftchampionship.co.uk/driver/duane-mckeever/ it is also used by 70% of the competitiors in the Drift championships across Europe All of this level of performance has been available for 6 bolt and 8 bolt 2.0 VAG tfsi since 2017 with a feather light pedal and full range of rebuild packs. In the long run it works out cheaper too as it can be rebuilt without having to discard the flywheel/cover. What monster manual cars are on here that have compromised torque maps and could use something like this to unleash their potential?
  3. Hi,

     Iam interested in the costs of banner addds and becoming a trader on here how do we go about that. ? 



    1. Booth11


      Hi there 


      Thanks for your enquiry about sponsorship and trading on the VWROC forum.  Someone will make contact with you to discuss options.  


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