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  1. First bit of time I have had to get to know the car today. Spotted it was due a brake fluid change next month and that the Pollen filter was due, so thought I'd do these while fitting a new cam follower. I have also ordered the tiny wheel arch extension as one is missing and also a fuel filter as I don't feel comfortable not having this replaced. Seeing as the wheels have just been refurbed I took the opportunity to Ceramic coat then in Gyeon Rim, as I have used this on other cars and it works really well. I'm struggling to paste pics direct from my phone o
  2. Thanks, I'll post updates as they happen. Looking like collection day is this Saturday
  3. Yes I did read that, and that VW knocked 5k off the list price to help shift units. I read that in 2013 they sold single digits of the Cab, but had an aspiration for 100 a year in the UK, hence my interest in actuals.
  4. Just FWD, no room.undeet the smaller boot with the roof mechanism for the rear diff. If I was just buying it for me then I might be more concerned but it's my GF's and I'll get a blast at weekends. So I have live with it, and the one I test drove didn't really suffer with wheel spin
  5. AETV38232073_12 by John Chambers, on Flickr AETV38232073_11 by John Chambers, on Flickr AETV38232073_7 by John Chambers, on Flickr AETV38232073_5 by John Chambers, on Flickr AETV38232073_6 by John Chambers, on Flickr AETV38232073_3 by John Chambers, on Flickr AETV38232073_4 by John Chambers, on Flickr Internet_20210717_150230_3 by John Chambers, on Flickr Internet_20210717_150230_2 by John Chambers, on Flickr
  6. AETV38232073_13 by John Chambers, on Flickr
  7. Thanks for the nice welcome. I need to get on my laptop and post pics as I can't seem to add pics from my phone. We definitely want a new headunit so need to research the best one that works with Dynaudio and am still curious about volumes made, bit can't seem to find anything
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome. I read a lot of negative comments about the Cab version before purchase, including the fact as you say, it's a 2wd. When new I can see the point especially at the price point, but used now I think it makes a lot more sense, 4 seats, drop top for my GF and enough go and good looks for a weekend show car. It's not as modern as the 7 of course but the colour helps a lot
  9. Ha, yes she does although she doesn't really know what that means. We test drove a white one yesterday for her to get a feel and I was able to demonstrate a little bit of what that might mean...
  10. Hi all, Thought I would introduce myself as new to the forum. I have just put a deposit down on a Rising blue, Dec 2013 Mk6 Golf R Convertible. Its done 47k miles with full dealer history, 3 owners, (2 in in quick succession when it was new and the last lady for 7 years) It's just had DSG service, cambelt and pump, air con service and all 4 19' wheels properly refurbished. No sign of the fuel pump follower so I'll do that after collection. It's on standard suspension, has the Dynadio upgrade, 19' wheels as mentioned and standard he
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