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  1. I have a friend who purchased an M2 in early June, the car wasn't built, but he will be getting it in the next few weeks. This car was allocated to the dealer and specced, but not purchased or built, he didn't get to pick the colour or options or anything like that. It's possible that VW and the dealers already agreed to allocation in a legally binding way. I think ordering a car with specific options is relatively rare since there are so few options on many cars, I don't know if it's the same in Europe for most people. Whenever I look at the European market, it always feels very d
  2. I'm in Canada and I managed to put a deposit on a Lapiz Blue that my dealer ordered. The Canadian models are equipped the same way as the American one, but the sunroof is optional in Canada. It'll be a good upgrade to my mk7 GTI, especially with our sometimes brutal winters. They are estimating that the car will arrive in October, I'm not sure it will, but I'm pretty excited anyways.
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