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  1. Hi I am hoping one of the tuners on here can give their input.. Car is Golf mk7R stage 3. 512 bhp on a TTV4 running autotech HPFP with Apr Lpfp. Done some logs on VCDS and high pressures are bang on..but low pressures dip to 3.6 bar around 5500k - 7200k. To me this isn't good. But I'm not a tuner. The place who tuned it using Ecotune say 3.6 bar isn't a concern. ( I bought the car like it so I can't say if it was tuned that way or its happened since) Another reputable place logged it and say their opinion is the lpfp is failing and 3.8 or even 3.6 bar is a problem... Any thoughts or info would be appreciated 😀. I can post the logs if it helps. Pressures are consistently 4 bar and above until around 5k ish upwards.
  2. Thats because mine was way off and stage 2 so 1.9 bar. If revs are fluctuating UP after you let off its boost issue. If they jump DOWN after you let off its clutch slip Have you got a video mate ?
  3. I had exactly this. Was turbo accuator. Wasnt adjusted correctly. Voltages were way off. Basically it still has boost in the system when you let off... I put a post up about it last month. If your tuned... go back to tuner and say the actuator is out of spec.
  4. Hi everyone. I have AP racing calipers with 390mm vagtech floating totors. I had ds2500 in there and had zero fade with some really hard driving. Recently after a few hard stops i can hear grinding on the front right rotor with less stopping power. It goes away pretty much instantly if i drive for 30 seconds. The pads are approx 70% used I'd say. What pad do people have experience with? I love the sharp bite that ds2500 give and they never used to give much dust. Lately they do. My main focus is a pad that wont fade with repetitive hard use but also has a glue like bite. Noise is important as cant be dealing with squeeks. Other noises are fine. I do a lot of my hard braking in situations where the pads would be warm anyway. But of course need a good amount of bite cold but don't mind it being not as great cold if it works amazingly once warm.. I also have 356mm on the back so will be getting the same pad there also. Thanks in advance 😎🙂
  5. Well it isn't sorted yet. Booked in today for Midland VW to do an Ecotune stage 2 on it and adjust the actuator. So should finally be running good again later today. Yes they seemed excellent there and didn't fob me off with staying the cars fine...
  6. You were right. That different tune was bad and the actuator voltages are way off. Not sure why they didn't pick up on this when they were trying to figure out why their regular stage 2 file wasnt making power. Midland VW in Cannock found this within about 2 minutes. Explained thats where the over rev is coming from along with the vibration around 2.5k. Disappointed a place with 35 years experience didn't pick it up. I was fobbed off and told the cars fine just high mileage.
  7. 170 miles away they are. Since that new map there is a harsh exhaust note / vibration at 2.3k until about 2.6k. Can you explain the theory you posted please mate? Curious how this works.. mystery to me this car is !
  8. https://youtu.be/6c2d-chbxxc Stage 2 Qstuning , TVS stage 3 on box. Hey has anybody ever seen this before? The video shows 2nd pull to 3rd pull then when i let off the throttle the revs jump up then back to where they were. But this is only AFTER throttle is released. Seems only 2nd and 3rd do it to this extent. Other gears its very minor or not at all. Most people would say clutch slip. But under load its holding. Only when let off does it jump. Its almost as if the car thinks its in neutral when I let off and thus oil pressure is dropped to the clutch. Possibly pedal sensor ? Can pull in 6th up hill and no slippage at all same in 5th etc. Not sure it related but around 2.5k half throttle i get a harsh vibration through exhaust. Definitely not exhaust though as beeen checked. Started after higher torque file added by Qstuning.
  9. Maybe my solenoid valves are broken inside. Replaced HPFP . Engine light still on and still misfires at 3k -4k WOT. Turbo spooling much louder now. Literally out of ideas. Nah stock pump is fine stage 2.
  10. My issues are around 2.7k -4k. Where hpfp is not spinning fast but high demand on fuel. On the logs this is where the pressure also isn't matching..so makes sense to me that its hpfp or even the high pressure sensor / regulator. With 130k on the clock the pump may well have had its day. Its only been noticeable since stage 2.
  11. I did monitor them. Not sure what they should be but they werè both going up and down with revs. I replaced both magnets. But the little oil valves are 70 quid plus vat each so held off those. Hpfp being fitted in a few hours. Low pressures were bang on. No drops at all.
  12. The little valves both still push in and out.. inlet magnet replaced 6m ago.
  13. Can someone tell me if these fuel pressures on the high rail are off. I have a bad missfire and spluttering at 3k to 4k then it pulls fine to the redline.
  14. I replaced the magnet and was fine then later that day missing again badly at 3k -4k then after 4k pulls fine again. Logged fuel pressures and got this-
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