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  1. Quick question, folks; there is a 'slot' in the front face of the centre storage area between the front seats. It's not visible when the lid is down. Not deep enough for the valet card - any ideas of purpose? Thought there could be some LEDs lurking........I'm desperate to know! Nothing in the manual.
  2. Took delivery of my R just before Christmas and just got some time to start configuring. To be polite, I'm not happy to find out Mobile Keys will not work with Apple iOS devices. If only I'd known before ordering Digital Key prep. Just had a chat with VW customer service. Seems unless Apple add VW keys to their 'wallet' app, it's not happening. Looks like Tesla and some BMW use Apple keys. Wasted a couple of hours getting nowhere. Apologies if this topic has been covered before. I did search.
  3. Morning, McDoogle. I didn't go for PP as had one eye on insurance and considered enough performance for me without. I did consider taking stock 18" wheels and investing in (say) a set of RL R360. Still an option! Thanks for the headsup on the protector material. Its something the detailer may be able to advise on. Hopefully I can post a pic or two when its polished up so will be able to comment more next week.
  4. Should have mentioned order date was 13th July 2021 and also forgot to mention HK sound upgrade........
  5. Evening all. Hope I'm posting this in the right place. Mine's arrived last week and collect tomorrow. (JCT Sheffield). Scheduled for February 22 but here it is. Lapiz, Black Estoril's, DCC, Leather, Keyless. JCT handing car over with all the wraps on and booked in at a detailer for full new vehicle prep. Have already bought the bonnet gas strut and on the lookout for Infotainment screen protector and rear bumper protector. Like the idea of adding the 'extended' rear spoiler as and when more Mk 8 goodies appear. GTI 7.5 performance went last week. Will I miss the manual? Never ha
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