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  1. Hi @ToRnado_R, I'll be upgrading the the ARB's and moving to coi lovers. Just was not sure of I should add these as well @EcosseGolfR Thanks for the info and videos. I'm looking to the ones that sit beneath the car rather than in the back. Any thoughts on that?
  2. Interested in thoughts about adding these chassis brace/bar for road use to compliment suspension upgrades for hard road use only. Has anyone done this and did it make any noticeable difference?
  3. I was actually looking to go the other way. I'm running 18" cadiz right now. Is it the firmness or the springs or the lack of sidewalls that's causing the uncomfortable ride?
  4. @Dean T How was the Unicorn Map Dean? I went with DMS Automotive as they have a place in the Midlands and near Southampton. Mine went from stock 309 BHP with 450 Nm to 378 BHP and 550 NM. TSU was upgraded also. No probs or error codes. Make sure you upgrade coils and spark plugs Next is the IC, down pipe and a whole load of handling mods and brakes in April. I'm also looking at possibly going Stage 3. Not sure if it'll be Hybrid or big turbo yet. Got plenty of time to decide whilst I look forward to the April transformation
  5. @TheBlondeFella I agree. Not much fun driving in a straight line. I changed pads and lines and have VBT j hook rotors with Ferodo racing pads. This certainly is an improvement from stock. Also, with stock suspension, my estate is like a boat! The H&R ARBs, SuperPro bushes and H&R mono tube coil overs should change all that. And the BBK is the last step to ensure I can stop!
  6. @TheBlondeFellaYes, brakes become more important when all the BHP means you can't stop!! 😄
  7. @samm Do you have a link to the facebook posting? Cheers
  8. Finally decided having spoken to so many different people and the fantastic feedback I received here. 4-POT Brembo (Aston Martin) with 362mm rotors. Being told 6 pot would be an overkill for road use and also larger rotors will cause issues with wheel clearance!! Many thanks for all the feedback 👍🏼
  9. @Real Thingagree. I'll stop chasing numbers once I get a hybrid turbo (maybe). I'm doing a lot more than 2K a year so I guess I should be careful as I don't drive like a daisy
  10. Thanks Sam. Not seen that website before 👍🏼
  11. @ Serious R Addict I'm like a kid in a candy shop. The car is so much fun, and I can't wait for the mods in April. Also looking forward to what next. I've been told and can see, we can spend a lot of money on these platforms as the mods are never ending 😊
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