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  1. Hi all, Been a while since I've posted but been enjoying advice from many of you in other threads. Thought I would share some updates on my R. Was planning on having it stock for ages but you know how easily a car enthusiast is convinced otherwise! Managed to get my new Maxton spoiler fitted the other month then finally installed black mirror caps! Also getting the pret's refurbed in a new colour in a couple of weeks which I can't wait to share (photos coming soon). Inserts for the front badge are also inbound! Also thinking spacers? I'm not sure
  2. Hi all, anyone had any experience of the mirror glass rubbing against the actually body? Mines seems to be sticking. Popped one side out to check fitment and managed to crack the glass - which wasn't ideal so ordered new set. Am I doing something wrong but seems to stick against body - Weird one
  3. I hadn't considered an Intake @samm thanks for the suggestion. May opt for something like a res delete for the time being before exploring catback options in the future
  4. Hi All, Thought I would share some progress on the car since I have been offline a few weeks. I wasn't planning on doing too much to the car so quickly but really been enjoying it recently! Just about to go and pick her up again after getting alloy wheel straightened (damn potholes) and a full alignment. Over the Christmas break, though, I took deliver of new front and rear badges in black and also the 7.5R Maxton lip spoiler as I wasn't too big a fan, personally, of the V1 for the 7R. I think that the rear now looks spot on! Just need those exhaust tips fre
  5. Bit of digging and its the V2 that's on the Mk7.5. I am assuming it won't fit on the 7? Does anyone know if the 7 & 7.5R have the same tailgate? Looks class
  6. I did think the Maxton one, but the Maxton one looks like it doesn't come down at the sides? Unless its a different version? That's what's confusing me as the Maxton one doesn't look like it extends all the way to the side and curve down the side of the original Screenshot 2021-12-23 at 19.38.36 by Neil Wilkinson, on Flickr
  7. Good evening all, I need some help identifying a spoiler. I came across this on instagram but the owner isn't replying yet, thought you knowledgable folks may know. Love the look of this, its quite OEM but not quite a lip spoiler is seems to come down to the edges and also has that split in the middle. Anyone seen this before, I think it looks ace! IMG_0717 by Neil Wilkinson, on Flickr IMG_0719 by Neil Wilkinson, on Flickr IMG_0718 by Neil Wilkinson, on Flickr IMG_0716 by Neil Wilkinson, on Flickr I
  8. Those look ace, love your spec! need to think about black mirror caps as well now haha!
  9. Friends, Some of you may have seen I recently posted that I buckled an alloy and currently getting it refurbished. I am still considering taking this opportunity to purchase a new set of alloys. I think I have just overwhelmed myself with what is out there. So I am coming to you lot for a picture request Can anyone with a white mk7 5-door please share your wheel photos with me? (I couldn't find a dedicated thread for the white Rs) I am currently torn between Neuspeed RSE10 in Bronze and also the below TSW Sprints owned by someone in here I belie
  10. As per the title, has anyone ordered from this website before? they are selling Neuspeed Rse10 for quite low a price (circa £250 per wheel). Considering everywhere else sells them for £1500-£1600 a set I think perhaps it isn't correct https://www.bmptuning.com/collections/all I see there aren't many places to buy Neuspeed alloys in the UK
  11. Are there often deals on Awesome gti? I saw today there are no Neuspeed alloys on there anymore I have a feeing Awesome is going to be a dangerous website for me haha
  12. I have used so many products in my short car history but keep seeing Gyeon products advertised everywhere but never used them. What's everyones thoughts, worth the price? For comparison been using a lot of AMDetail products recently and that's been working well for me
  13. wilkinnn

    New R Owner

    Welcome! Lots of new members on here recently
  14. Anyone have any good ideas for subtle mods: for instance footwell lights, license plate lights, black badges? Just got my Mk7 and keen to hear the little things you lot have done that not everyone sees
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