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  1. Was told my build week has gone back to 1st week of January, from mid November. Doesn’t really matter to me but a tad annoying. Not really a lot anyone can do if there’s no parts. Also ordered a Seat Arona for my wife, and the sales woman said there was another factory opening somewhere else that would be manufacturing the chips so that should help although i suspect there’s a hell of a back log to get through….
  2. Pictures like these make me really happy that I’ve ordered a Lapiz blue one, i really hate waiting!
  3. What else is possible with OBDEleven on the R, is there a list anywhere?
  4. Ordered a few days ago, been told that it’s set for build week 45 which is early November, can’t wait! Lapiz Blue Hud Winter pack HK stereo
  5. I’d always wanted an S3, disappointed that VW now appears to be the premium brand, or at least that’s how it seems when it comes to Golf R vs the S3 anyway!
  6. Can confirm, my current S3 has issues with MMI as well.
  7. MMI randomly rebooting itself and losing settings/favourites. my Audi app telling me my car was unlocked when it wasn’t (anxiety enduring when you’re checking just before you go to bed and you have to go out and double check!) Carplay causes the MMI screen to flicker which is really off putting when you’re driving as you just notice it out of the corner of your eye.
  8. All the issues I had were minor it was the repeatedly ignoring me or not returning calls that wound me up, just sours the experience. The car itself is great, and I enjoy driving it (for an hour or so 😂) Add that to being able to get a really good price for the car now and knowing I have had good service from the VW dealership nearby on 4 precious cars and I just thought why not, the golf R gets rave reviews and there’s additional kit that’s missing from the Audi, just seemed like a no brainer.
  9. It was £39k new, settlement on it was £30k so I’ve got a £6k deposit towards the R. It drove really well, I’ve always wanted an S3 so the issues I had with it which were mainly tech related wouldn’t have been such a problem if the dealership had acted in the right manner and tried to sort them out, they basically ignored me as did Audi Uk so I’ve just decided to part with it whilst i have £6k equity in it. Kinda lose faith and if something big went wrong i wouldn’t trust Audi to resolve it now. The seats are no where near as comfortable in the S3 as the Golf, so i can
  10. Does say in the order he’s sent me “spec amend” so that would suggest he managed to grab the one that was already in with a build date assigned. Fingers crossed!
  11. It’s a year old, got it in December last year. There’s a few minor annoyances compared to my old golf GTI, but it’s a good car. It’s mainly Audi customer services being garbage and the dealership was awful as well that’s made me decide to chop it in. Thought I’d check my settlement figure to see what my options were and was pleasantly surprised by what I owed vs what I was being offered!
  12. I’ve always enjoyed a sunroof when I’ve had one but being honest I’ve not missed it much in my S3. Is it worth it for the handful of times a year I’ll use it? Probably not, where as I’ll use the HK sound/HUD all year round. if money was no object I’d definitely add one! I think the guy said there was a lapiz blue already available to amend when I spoke to him yesterday, so hopefully it was still available when I placed my order. Otherwise I’ll be waiting about 6 months I reckon!
  13. Well it didn’t take long, I caved and ordered one this afternoon. Decided I could live without the Sunroof but looking through the gallery on here its the best colour IMO. Managed to get £36k for my S3 as well, used car prices are crazy at the minute! Lapiz Blue HUD HK Winter Pack
  14. Thanks guys, appreciate the comments. I’m trying to stay as close to my monthly payment on the S3 as possible which is £400 a month. Reckon i can fit about £1500 in options in, and not be too much above that. I’d read a few comments on here with regards to HUD, and felt that i really wanted it just to make it feel different to any cars I’ve had before. Guess it’s a toss up between pan roof and HK, I do love a sunroof especially on a white car. Will ask for a quote on both specs and see what the dealership can do.
  15. Hi All, Currently in an S3 8Y, I’m looking at part exchanging for a golf Mk8 R or a Clubsport GTI. Have test driven the GTI but struggling to find an R, but i think it’s going to have to be the R as I’m really wanting to stay in an AWD car rather than going back to FWD. Has anyone driven both the S3 and the MK8 R and if so is there anything obvious that I’ll miss going to the R? to me it looks like the spec is better, really miss the ACC I had in my previous MK7 GTI, and the seats in the Golf were way comfier than the S3. . . Are there any options that
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