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  1. Anyone fitted Nextbase hardwire kit to their car ,is there a spare permanent feed from a fuse not used you can put the dashcams blade terminal with fuse into. Or a switched spare feed? as the dash cam doesn’t really need to on all the time.
  2. I,m thinking the same,Don’t know how many speakers there are but sound seems to come from front only ,But in sport on DSG there definitely more sound coming from rear coz it cancels out tyre noise.
  3. So fairy washing up liquid and an Asda 50p sponge won’t cut it then,only joking . meguires for most stuff and auto glym haven’t tried fancy stuff yet. it’s getting hard to get to 25 posts without too many silly posts - apologies
  4. Thorny2051


    It’s a 19 plate pure white with Pretoria gloss black wheels ,Programable suspension settings,Dynaudio,sadly no reverse camera- on doing some research will cost £500 and looks a right faff to install,it’s a shame the cables weren’t fitted when built and they just left the camera off for an easy upgrade.
  5. Thorny2051


    Only 21 more posts before pictures
  6. Thorny2051


    Well the quality is miles better than the RS and the Golf will stay in a straight line under hard acceleration from 0-80 as the torque vectoring on RS made the car veer from side to side unless on billiard flat road so I,m happy to get rid of the veering steering as it’s called.It will take time to get the seat in the right place so I’m comfortable and the only niggle so far is the stop/start is too eager to cut the engine at every stop,currently turning it off when starting up,But I’ve read it can be permanently turned off although don’t think there’s anyone in Leicester with the kit to do i
  7. Thorny2051


    Also the soundtrack in race mode is super on the inside but not good with the windows down ,might need to work on that one as the Focus Rs made a nice popping ,growling sound
  8. Thorny2051


    Can’t post pictures yet as I don’t have a photo hosting account and all my photos are on I- phone which you can’t upload from ,hopefully soon,needs cleaning already lots of dead insects on white paintwork.
  9. Thorny2051


    Hi all picked up my 19 plate Golf R DSG today ,moved on from Focus Rs Edition and in the short 50 mile trip i am well impressed with the build quality and performance.No doubt I’ll have questions in the coming days and weeks ahead just bear with another newbie.it’s a bit of a step up from my first golf mk1 gti but it was an early one called power something can’t quite remember at it was 1982.
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