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  1. Some good news today - well for me anyway.... My wife calls it stupidity for not reading things 😂 After playing build spec hokey cokey over the past few days - this forum is dangerous btw if your not a patient person! I have added/removed stuff, swithered and generally, ate too much of my nails, in wondering if I ordered the right options or not. I got the feeling the dealer was starting to lose patience with me, which is fair enough! My gut told me stick with the build I have ordered, and be content. The dealer sent me the confi
  2. Really good thread mate 👍🏻 I was actually going to ask the same question. I have a 5 digit plate, and normally put a shorter plate on my car. For my M2, the bumper was very angular. Which needed a plate holder, the only way round this, was an OEM BMW japanese plate holder as its a smaller bracket that fits a shortened 5 digit UK plate perfectly. Believe it or not, I could purchase the Japanese OEM part from my dealer parts shop as it was still a BMW part. Back to the golf 😅 I will be doing the same again on my R, is the p
  3. This topic should definitely come with some form of warning for your bank balance! After a quick look through- I now have a shopping list for Cill protecters, Dashcam, Foot Rest... Think i will step away before the maxton splitter links get clicked 😅
  4. Hopefully, your right all my choices I feel content with as I know I wanted them for a reason! Lapiz Blue - last few cars have been silver or black, so wanted a change. Harmon Kardon - love my music, so better sound is a given for me. R Performance Pack - I was going to spec the wheels separately, for the price difference in the spoiler and program differences I felt it was worth it. Akrapovic - Don't really need to give a reason 😂 DCC - I contemplated this long and hard, is it really needed, wasn't sure. But seems to go hand in hand with perf pack!? Rear V
  5. Probably a very subjective question- but is the leather seats option (UK) worth it the price? I swithered so much on this option, but never went with them. The cloth seats seem to get a bit of mixed vibes from some reviewers online.
  6. Yeah my departed M2 was delivered on a truck. I think it's a stipulation of BMW finance/Alphabet for this take place. Before the M2 I had a short lease on an FOCUS RS, that was driven delivered from somewhere in Gloucestershire to Glasgow. The engine issues aside, of which I had 3 full engines replacements in 2 years 😂 I'm 99% certain that car was ragged up the M6, as it had countless issues aside from the engine. In short, I won't be letting my car be delivered by a driver!
  7. Wow that's a nice car he has, the garage isn't too shabby either 👌🏻 Yeah I had a few quotes on Shiply ranging from about £350 - £900, so it varys quite a lot. Tbh I'm not opposed to driving up the road, just want to have a few options available.
  8. Hi All, New car on order through DTD, and the supplying dealer is JCB in Medway. Which looks like the same circumstances as few others on here 😁 It will probably feel like an eternity before the delivery date comes around. But I'm already trying to figure the best options on physically getting the car. As I stay in the central belt of Scotland, which is a fair 450 mile drive from Gillingham! My now departed M2 Competition was trailer delivered from Shrewsbury, which the dealer arranged and paid for as a courtesy. Which I struck gold with if I'm honest.
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