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  1. Sounds like there will be a problem with both sides level sensor. Mechanical malfunction suggests it broken or become dislodged, the other side is an electric fault. Could be wiring or the sensor itself faulty.
  2. I’m sure it would sell either way. Someone will want to factor in the work that needs doing and the hassle factor - as you say it takes a bit of time to get jobs done. As you know the electro mechanical thermostat and water pump assembly is not a cheap job. Wheel refurb means being without the car for a bit (unless you have spare wheels).
  3. If it's a 6sp it's a dq250. If it's a 7sp it will be a dq381 fitted to facelift cars.
  4. Is yours the 7 Sp DQ381? https://www.akstuning.co.uk/shop/home/2659-elring-gearbox-end-cap-for-dq381-7-speed-dsg-914-050.html ELring appears to make end caps
  5. Interesting.never seen that before. Not that I am a dsg rebuilder!! Maybe they can be sourced as far as vw are concerned they say they are ot available. Other option would be a replacement casing from a failed box maybe. What s the logic of the denial of the warranty? Which t and c?
  6. Very much doubt it. Photograph the windscreen and camera from outside and circle the chip. Sounds too far away to affect the viewing window of the camera. Those explanations in the manual are very vague though..... Chips may affect, if in the viewing field, may need to be calibrated. I'm pretty sure I've read others that have simply had the camera remounted on a new screen and not needed any set up.....So you'd have to take your chances but if required surely it would be included in the window claim? The ACC radar on the other hand, if disturbed does require quite a bit of calibration and will affect safety related systems.
  7. 3mm doesn't sound like it will fail to me, repair probably? https://www.glassdoctors.co.uk/will-my-windscreen-chip-pass-its-mot/ The camera is only used for high beam assist and speed sign recognition if you have it. I don't think there is any calibration. Not that I've ever come accross. Front assist and acc is radar driven, not camera.
  8. The finger pointing merry go round. Surely they need to give you a report of some sort outlining the reason for the rejection and nature of problem and clause they are relying on to reject? Whilst you are waiting can you collect car or get it transported to another garage and get an independent report so you can approach your used dealer? What have the used dealer said given the failure?
  9. How much were you using on Quantum? LL3 or platinum 5w40?
  10. Oh right then. That opens up another avenue. But, similar caveats to any 3rd party warranty applies, it is an insured policy and is subject to the insurers t&cs limits, exlcusions and their attitude!! And that explains why you have been approaching, VW but from whom was the vw warrranty purchased? Usually a retailer - vw sutton I presume? As stated, failing resolution there, the used selling dealer should be responsible. Does leave me wondering what exclusion are they relying on - corrosion - you'd have to read the policy but do their T&Cs exclude body corrosion or engine / gearbox corrosion. Saying that, I still don't know where or what the corrosion damage is.......They're very slow to get back to you!! Frustrating i bet...
  11. I'm not trying to be picky or anything. But when you talk about warranty team and vw sutton as different people are they not the same? And why would you have warranty with vw when you purchased used from another dealer? As mentioned, in those circumstances all you have is a goodwill attempt with vw uk which is handled by the retailer dealing with it i.e. vw sutton. You can call and create a case reference direct with vw uk which I think you have done but I don't hold out a lot of hope of them helping out. If your car has full vw dealer service then maybe a chance on that goodwill avenue...without it i'd say 0% but I have been wrong a few times in my life before!! 😅 Other than that you need a proper engineer fault report probably with photos explaining the nature of the problem and when it probably occurred i.e. prior to your purchase or a manufacturing defect... Then you can use that to establish your rights against the second hand dealer who sold to you. Unless they are a rare breed and are willing to progress either returning the car or repairing (properly) without argument.. edit: ps it is very likely you will need to pay for the diagnostic and failure report, initially at least. You need that to move forward, unless your second hand dealer is holding their hands up......
  12. I think I've read about it. Although on the one small usb drive I have with a few select albums and not all have album art, I don't get the mis representation. I'll have to look where my image artwork is stored.
  13. When I did a quick search at the time of replying to this post originally, there were some reports of failure of the epb switch. so the garage could well be correct. a full fault code read would help clarify. Or if the garage is doing the job, let them do it - i.e. diagnose and repair - they will be responsible for the repair!
  14. I wonder is this a dsg where the oil cooler has failed (corroded and holed through). That's what immidiately sprung to my mind...
  15. Yes. But the expiry of the probably near worthless insured warranty is mostly an irrelevant distraction. Forget about that The statutory warranty for consumer rights cover you for UP TO 6 years from your purchase second hand. But it does get harder to prove after 6 months as the onus to prove the fault was in existence moves to you, the purchaser after 6 months. In your circumstances it doesn't sound too difficult to get a engineer to report on the problem and how long it likely goes back, ie beyond 6 months. Once you do some googling on consumer rights act on vehicle purchases, I suggest you ring and then write a letter to the used dealer. In all likelihood they're going to try to fob you off but you need to be onto it, persistent and know the rights in the protection. Do not discuss the insured warranty they gave you for 6 months, it's irrelevant now and mostly a distraction tactic to protect them. Edit. Don't waste too much time on vw, they have no obligations to you under the consumer rights act. Yes, you can ask but it will be discretionary good will and they can simply say "no". The only other Avenue with vw is to prove negligence, and that is much more onerous than the responsibility laid out in statutory protection.
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