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  1. I've heard it is not a bad idea to replace the timing stuff at 100k miles. So unlucky at 139k kms especially with regular oil changes. Yes, that extra 1,300 euro for two camshafts including the variator doesn't surprise me at all. In fact, I would of thought that is pretty much the cost of 2 x camshafts alone (with the variator assembly) without the extra labour but I suppose once the timing gear is all removed it is not much extra. It could get very expensive! If it were me I'd ask for some re-assurance or extra checks that the head and cam shafts and/or v
  2. OK. Well then. Staying focussed around the transmission there is an oil pump in the dsg that provides all the hydraulic pressure. You can remove the main plug with the snorkel in to check the level with the engine running. I'm wondering if the pump is going faulty or your dsg is low on oil? When was the dsg fluid and filter last changed? Vaccum pump at the end of the engine where the HP fuel pump is another possibility.
  3. Ha don't worry. My recollection has been flawed before, ever so occasionally! I've used mintex before which is I suppose a tmd value brand and had no problems except for the disc hub rusting but even genuine do that. I could of painted before fitting...
  4. Naa. Tmd friction own pagid brand. Same as mintex, bendix, tarox and others. I'm not sure why but brembo have had some variable reports over the last few years..
  5. Mm.m. yeah, it does sound like the German shepherd panting!! It's clearly something rotational and given the relationship to sport vs normal mode maybe to do with the clutch or dm flywheel of the dsg.
  6. Guess arb drop links first replacement.
  7. The price can't include sprockets unless they're replacing camshafts as well. They are pricey!! It does seem a bit high. When I enquired at a local vag specialist near where I live about changing the timing chain and tensioner preventatively they said its £1500 parts and labour. I thought that was a bit pricey. Ask for a detailed written quote including parts listing? Are you over 160k kms? A
  8. Bit of info in here albeit Audi A8 and R8 centric. Also it doesn’t really say what composition has changed. But the compatibility chart is useful. I.e g12 evo with g13 but at the time of writing that article g12 evo hadn’t been approved for wider use! https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2018/MC-10138342-9999.pdf
  9. After looking at some parts diagrams I have a nasty feeling the sprockets are part of the camshaft assembly and not sold separately. Are they damaged?
  10. Maybe you got "lucky". I've read 1 tooth is definitely OK. I think 2 probably OK. Out of interest how does it slip .5 teeth though? How many miles on the car? On a gen 2 ea888 the timing tensioner chain guides, gasket and lower timing cover were about £330 in parts when I had it done in 2016. That's without sprockets replacement. With inflation and sprockets and a good old chunk of inflation I'd say in excess of £550 in parts and the job maybe 5 or 6 hours assuming no further issues. These are guesstimates site unseen.
  11. Fingers crossed. I just don't like all those codes coming at once and the nasty mechanical noise. How many miles on the car?
  12. Yes thanks. That's another 5 piece kit though for multiple vw n205 variants. "Set of 5 camshaft adjustment tools in one kit. Equipped with square 3/8"D" I was just interested if anyone knows which of the t10352 variants is actually used on the cjxc, so I could buy the one tool rather than the entire range!! Thanks for the link.
  13. The sound is a worrying sign. The overpressure faults were the subject of an audi tpi for 2015 cars. But with the crank correlation fault I'm concerned it has lost tension and skipped teeth. The other thing it springs to my mind is it could be is the variable valve timing but I wouldn't expect it to cause such a mechanical rattle... Where is vehicle now? Recovered home or to garage?
  14. Anyone know for sure what VW Tool variant is used on the N205 in the Golf R CJXC? It is definitely one with offset pins but that still leaves about 3 options. Nowhere, and I mean nowhere I have looked indicate which VW part no is the correct tool. Most say buy the complete set!
  15. 50 litres when empty so name your spot rate for filling. She'll v power is well over £2.00 a litre around here already..
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