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  1. Interesting. I've got to say I knew about the boost management based on oil temp in Revo maps. But not the active oil temp management through changed operation of the oil cooler valve, so despite my scepticism, it is possible the tune could have an impact on observed oil temps. Live and learn!! But it would be interesting to see if that has been observed on the specific map for mounttune, as just because they could follow the revo example, does not mean they have implemented it.... I'm still yet to see documentation that suggests any remap alters the thermal control management unit operation i.e. coolant regulator (or electronic thermostat) for regulation of engine coolant temps. Given revo do not mention that, I assume the engine coolant management remains as per standard map...... There was a fairly recent post in mk7 threads that showed a poster monitoring the coolant temp, the coolant temp at rad outlet, engine temp, duration, engine speed and servo position. It was quite a detailed chart, the coolant management is a very active process on the gen 3. One of the reasons that contribute to the limited life of the regulator as it is in constant operation and adjustment.
  2. I’d have to check part numbers for a 7.5 but they look the same! the pins freeze up and even though you can clean them and use the magnetic actuator again, however, in my experience and some others they freeze up again in fairly quick time once they’re playing up. Not expensive for just the magnets, the valve body is more and requires a special removal tool.
  3. Maybe reset the trips and see what is reported after.
  4. Do some other googling for general mk7 or mk7 gti upgrades in other external forums using the focal kit. There are a few guides. Think the tweeter needs glueing in the existing mount in the front. That is how I recall anyway. I thought you’d probably use splits in the back too. The amp will need speaker level feeds so will need some sort of quadlock adaptor or tapping into speaker out cables.
  5. Those were my thoughts, esp the electronic thermostat control. In another thread, the OP wanted to rule out the map and I suggested a stand alone thread (as here) to see if anyone using the map could confirm either way. They would surely notice such a shift in oil temps. Below is a thread on mountune stage 1map and some users of it in there, so the OP could PM one of them or include a handle name or two to link them to this thread and see if they reply. @Dan-Twas the op and the reviewer but hasn't been on the site in a number of years according to profile. Maybe a response to a PM - who knows without trying. I also doubt it is the map. But I have been wrong before...
  6. If you are going by the coolant temp gauge rather than an obd sensor read - don't put too much faith in temp guage. They're set up to read 90c over a wide range of engine temps. If you do a log on engine coolant temp, there are two different located sensors, you'll see how much temp varies in reality! Short answer - coolant temp guage is bravo sierra on all Rs and probably all vag mqb cars... Edit. Ps. You may want to create a new stand alone thread, maybe in the mk7 mod section, asking about experience of mountune amd oil / coolant temps. More likely to get a direct response than within this oil temp thread that goes back along while. Just a suggestion.
  7. I doubt it is the tune but hopefully someone else with a mountune remap can confirm. Does seem very coincidental timing wise though.... Perhaps the electronic thermostat is stuck or sticking. I would expect a code though. The ecu directs constant adjustments to the position of the servo control on the thermostat to keep the temp at the desired range.
  8. Unless you've got a decent scan tool or know someone on here is local - yes. You will need a full scan of all modules to know where to look at and focus attention.. As it could be any number of things. For example, on my 2016MY variant R, it was becoming unavailable with a Intermittent camshaft magnet fault that itself wasn't causing an engine light and not really any driveability issue at that stage either... had to replace camshaft magnets. In addition to the acc fault stating something like "detached" or "detachment" there was the camshaft adjustment timing fault which was the root cause... but many engine faults will cause acc unavailability.
  9. You need a scan. Often, an engine fault can drive the unavailability of Acc as most emgine faults will cause it to be unavailable. In some cases before or without and emgine light. Usually you get a message on instrument cluster as well like ACC and front assist unavailable. Of course, there are components of the ACC itself that can go faulty. You need a code read to know where to start.
  10. This might help possibly quite a lot explain what I was referring to. So, from my review of service diagram. It indicates. 2 x oil pressure switches in oil filter housing bracket 1 low pressure, 1 high pressure 1x spray nozzle valve solenoid in oil filter bracket 1 main oil pressure control valve in lower engine near crank pulley. 1 extra "level 3" oil pressure switch on front face of engine to right of water pump. I didn't know about that one.
  11. I wouldn't do the DSG at 15k it is not due. Double check with dealer if you want. They shouldn't have said it was due in my opinion. https://tps.trade/insider/dsg-servicing
  12. Yes, 7Sp Dq381 80k I understand. Although, some prefer to do between 40k and 60k. OP is only at 15k though. Even the older mk7 R dq250 was 40k miles, no time limit!
  13. Seems a bit high by about £200 adding in the haldex cost. Ask them to itemise the service cost. Or go to an independent but would still expect around £700. Not cheap. Dsg is not due is it? I'd defer that a bit especially with so few miles. It's the dq381?
  14. Isn't this regulated by a control solenoid in the oil filter bracket. It's not a sensor (there are also 2 x oil pressure high and low sensors in there as well). Have you definitely replaced the control solenoid? What was the part number. This issue with the oil pressure sensor fault make it sound like it might be contaminant debris causing them to block up ...maybe. could also correlate with the engine failures and debris that would of been circulating. Have you replaced the oil pressure sensors?
  15. Variant usually refers to another body configuration besides the hatch. In my My2016 estate it is a BA5. I think BV5 is also Estate. And the others are hatch configuration. But I do not know the exact differences between each one for estates and hatches.. Your vin sticker with PR codes will state which variant yours is...
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