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  1. Yeah I was also told by James the lead time has changed to 40+ weeks. I've ended up cancelling my order and will place an order through a leasing company who have stock due in Feb (handing current lease back in Jan). Just won't be able to add options. On the plus side i get 1 years free insurance 😅 with the savings I'll stick it towards a set of wheels 🥳
  2. I'm in the same boat. Contacted DTD & placed order on Monday.. Guess I'll be a bit more patient
  3. Hi all, newbie here 😊 been lurking around the forum for a week or two, finally decided on ordering a Golf 8R through DTD just waiting on dealer to contact me Lapiz blue (was a toss between white) Performance pack Winter pack 1
  4. Hi all, newbie here 😊 been lurking around the forum for a week or two and finally decided on ordering a Golf 8R. Thanks for all the useful info! Quick question for members who have purchased through Drive the deal.. I stuck in a PCP order through DTD and was contacted by their broker on Monday, who took some information regarding order and was told a VW dealer would contact me. I am still to hear from a dealer as of today, tried to contact Robin (DTD broker) but no answer. Should a dealer of contacted me by now? Or have I been shunned off? I gave my card
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