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  1. I ordered 14th October full spec, still no build date. Some on here ordered in April and don't have q build date. It's crazy right now with waiting times.
  2. I think that applies if you spec anything more than just colour, even wheels. Bassicly it shows if it's not basic spec
  3. Seeing this advertised on my local dealer where I've ordered mine, listed under the Golf R section. Surely if you can order now and get a 22 plate why am I waiting until September
  4. Doesn't even use Alexa....have to use your smartphone with an app
  5. Yeah I had both (mk 7 1.6 tdi and my mk 7.5 gti) Notice how they went from buttons to touch screen? The pro version even dropped the volume knob. I wouldn't be surprised if they went full voice controlled in the mk 8.5 😂
  6. In the past, the face lifted models usually just come with a few changes to the interior and exterior, nothing substantial. They do often change out the info system though which is where a lot of the issues lie. I don't personally see them going back to buttons though unfortunately.
  7. I thought the chip shortage was slowly getting better, it seems to be getting worse 😭 I have to admit, if mine gets pushed back into 2023 I'll probably cancel and wait for the face-lift version.
  8. If you havnt had a build date yet either the system isn't updating or it looks like it'll be more than a year I'm sorry to say. It can take 2 months to build and deliver so I'd expect it to be already going in to get built by now if you were to get it by end of March. There does seem to be a sudden delay in updates coming from vw. Probably just because they're starting up the new year or maybe they're wanting to sort the known issues out first?
  9. This where we find out the batch theory is true and they're queuing up 10000 golf rs to build all at once 😂 maybe the engine management chips is the biggest hurdle 🤔
  10. They updated the configurator as it came out the new hardware was being put in. Also saw it in some news articles when they were talking about the hardware. Although I guess we all know how inaccurate the configurator can be. The voice is just an activation code anyway, If you have the pro system and it doesn't have it enabled, I'd try get them to activate it for you for free 😂
  11. They've readded voice but only for the pro system. Not sure if you have it selected
  12. I ordered it October 21 so I'd say September would be about right. I would be tempted to ask them to wait on registering it for the sake of like a week to get a 72 plate over a 22. Already they've changed the info system to have better hardware and include voice. Never know what else they might do
  13. I'm expecting mine to be a 72 plate, hopefully one of the first ones in September. Wonder what changes they'll make to it before then 🤔 no plans for a personal plate just yet, there's nothing ever up that peaks my interest.
  14. I'm sure every other may order on the forum has taken delivery by now except you. You must he one unlucky mother f er 😂 hoping you get some good news soon.
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