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  1. Hi all, just wanted to say I replaced the spark plugs (looks like not changed previously) and that didn't resolve it. However replacing the coil packs has resolved the issue! No more shuddering when idle, wanted to say thanks for the advice!
  2. I haven't checked the error codes/know how to - would it be a case of taking it to a garage and asking them to run diagnostics? Yes potentially has been sitting around, I will be taking it on a long drive this weekend so will see if there are any stutters after. Really appreciate your help!
  3. I've filled up with Tesco momentum 99, been told to only fill up with this rather than standard 95 octane. Thank you that's something I hadn't considered!
  4. Hi all, finally bought my dream car last Saturday! MK7 DSG 58k miles. Before driving I keep it running idle for 3/4 minutes to warm it up, however I've noticed a couple of times that it starts to shudder on and off. The revs dip below 1k slightly and back up again, sounds almost as if it's about to stall. I'm not sure if I'm being paranoid and this is due to a couple of nights where it's been cold, or if this is cause for concern? Has anyone experienced anything similar? When driving I've not noticed any issues so far. Thanks,
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