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  1. Sorry if that muddies the waters. I didn't ask for it, they just announced it had a recall. 🤷
  2. I had a 2022 car delivered without an engine cover. Can't remember when, maybe a year ago, but it was in for a service or something and they said oh there's a recall, you need an engine cover we have it in stock and fitted it.
  3. Something to go wrong? So touch/haptic controlled then 😜
  4. I'm fairly tall, so already have to duck to see under the mirror, now if I duck I still won't be able to see there's a screen in the way! I don't like ipad style stuck on screens, but I'd be willing to give it a go. Might end up liking it.
  5. Yes. Go into the assist menu, then tap front assist and you can disable speed limit preview and junction preview separately.
  6. @dv52 interior monitoring that's the one. For when you leave pets in the car (briefly with the windows open and all that). Didn't know it didn't do the full alarm though. It's what I've used on ferries before and had no trouble. But I suppose that was only the Dover Calais crossing and it depends on how rough the sea is.
  7. Isn't there a button on the trim behind to the right of the drivers seat for disabling the interior monitoring? Not sure if it does the whole alarm though. It glows orange when active (disabled) iirc.
  8. I like it, except the front end. It's gone back to being subtle like the 7, which some will prefer, but personally the fangs on the 8 made it special along with the clubsport. The new little ones just look a bit dull IMO. I also notice it still has touch/haptic steering wheel controls. Of course, the final proof of any improvement will be in the software department.
  9. If it's only between certain speeds then it's likely something hitting a resonant frequency. So unless it wears prematurely due to the extra vibration it shouldn't really be an issue. Just go faster 😜
  10. I think @AHG was alluding to this and I hope this helps. So. assuming you want it on either side, yep it's there. Press right (or left depending on what side you want it) on haptic buttons. Go to settings. Then tick distance / time with ok button Then once it's enabled, go back (with left button) and then down to choose it. Then you can go right again to enter the sub menu to select which trip data you want, or reset. And yes, I need to clean my interior because that is one dusty screen. @Booth11 not sure if you'll eventually want to move this to the tips and tricks thread?
  11. You can get this ( I think) by changing the left or right section of the info cluster. You have to add it to the list of things that are shown, but you can have driving data. Then say it's on the left, press left on the wheel and then left again and it'll bring up a sub menu with which info to show (since start, since refuel and long term). I'll nip out and check to see if I'm completely wrong and grab some photos.
  12. Very much so. There's plenty of amazing roads up here so I've been clocking up the miles!
  13. Enjoying a few weeks in the Highlands. Today we took the Cromaty-Nigg ferry. Almost hanging off the back with waves lapping up over the rear tyres. Granted I could have shuffled a bit further forwards but eh it was fun.
  14. Looking very nice. Is it just me, or is there no red stripe on the front?
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