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  1. I struggle to take the opinions of a man seriously who is so biased towards his clubsport. I honestly find his videos cringy. A true reviewer takes each car by its merits and it’s bad points and gives an unbiased review.
  2. I spoke to JCB today and my car was originally due to be built week 21 but has now been put back with no build date in sight 😔.
  3. Yes I can see your point, just makes it a bit special that it is offered as an optional extra. Even though it isn’t made by VW, it keeps it OEM for me.
  4. I think you are both right. After reading that other thread and listening to both, I think I’m going to order it. After having a modified Focus RS MK2 for 10+ years I’m very much OEM now. I better get saving!
  5. I'm debating on whether to add the Akrapovič exhaust to my order. Is it worth the extra? I've not heard one compared to the standard exhaust. I have no intension of modifying my car in any way, so I would like it as highly specced as possibly; but the price 😵. What are peoples thoughts?
  6. Can I ask what your reasoning is? I love my music so H&K is a must!
  7. Ordered a few weeks ago: Lapiz Blue R Performance Pack Harmon Kardon Reversing Camera DCC Winter Pack Ordered through DTD and told to expect a 42 week lead time.
  8. That sounds great, I'll definately be doing some reading! The spec I've gone for is: Lapiz Blue Winter Pack Rear View Camera DCC Harmon Kardon Sound System R Performance Pack
  9. Hi Everyone! Newbie here. I'm Brendan and I've got a MK8 Golf R on order! I can't wait to receive it, although that looks like it'll be July now. I've come from a Focus RS MK2 which I had for 10 years, so this will be something different!
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