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  1. I don't know to be honest. Everywhere on the Internet says it can be setup todo it and I know a few people with golf r's where it was set up to disable it when installed. Aparently when the ghost is coded to disable stop start if you go through the disarm process, don't start the car but turn the car off then start it straight away it reverts for that period of driving to stop start being on.
  2. The start stop can be coded too off on a Ghost too.
  3. If you go to the vw site you can download the most recent maps for your car for various regions to sd card free. Have you tried this? https://app-connect.volkswagen.com/mapupdates/en/car/ Hope this helps. I do fear the gps may be locked to different satelites like the jap imports used to be, and i wonder if this is a vcds setting that could be changed.
  4. Yes it will need coding. The highline only gives a better imageon the golfs as they are not meant to have it. I fitted one to my gtd. Yes you can have it showing the different views but to do that it disables the automatic trigering of the front parking sensors when you are near something. The lines dont turn on the golf camers either.
  5. Just get one from aliexpress as you can get the ones with the rear usb as a complete kit for about £25 sorry £35 posted. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003081078136.html?spm=a2g0s.8937460.0.0.214d2e0ee39nOJ
  6. I have a 7.5 opf Akra fitted to my 7.5 non opf R. The difference between the opf and non opf exhaust is the resonator even with an Akra. The opf Akra comes with a factory res delete pipe fitted as none of the opf cars have a resonator. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/307226588230450/?ref=saved&referral_code=null The pre opf Akra is literally a back box and the exhaust is cut after the resonator, the same place as you would cut the exhaust if you were fitting a res delete. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/492319752330747/?ref=saved&a
  7. Another vid from these lads you can enjoy
  8. Well ironically a jb4 popped up a couple of miles away on Marketplace, it included the bluetooth and both extension harnesses. A bonus. All fitted now just need to work out the app and logs to get a map 6
  9. Dam too late to the party to get a set of these I guess? just been looking into jb4's and the search brought up about the harnesses.
  10. one of the channels i watch and thought you might enjoy.
  11. Have you got paypal. Could you please order me a pair and i will cover all shipping etc please please
  12. The big thing about the Akra is it is a factory part so there are no quibbles at warranty time and it also does not affect your insurance. Yes others are cheaper but the Akra does save on the other hand and it will retain much more of its value for longer.
  13. I have recently fitted an Akrapovic from a post opf car so it includes the resonator delete pipe. It still retains the valves so is subtle when closed an all hell breaks loose when they are open with lots of pops, bangs and snorts, oh and the dsg farts with real force. Yes they are expensive but they do sound really nice.
  14. Where did you purchase from as im looking to get one for our 7.5r?
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