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  1. I don't think I have ever filled it! Just £30/£40 at a time or I get over excited and burn the lot
  2. I just fill mine with supermarket fuel now..not really noticed a difference in performance at all and I enjoy a good hoon on a clear road if the conditions & traffic are right.
  3. RareBit

    Petrol Price

    There is an app called 'petrol-prices' which is pretty good for comparing local petrol stations as there seems to be quite a difference depending where you fill up!
  4. I know from owning my t6 camper there was a spate of headunits where the bonding agent holding the screen together was melting. This was happening more in the US in hot weather but is still an issue here .I wonder if it effects golf's too!
  5. Seems a bit daft to no longer supply the part. I only removed mine so I could push the piston back properly with a g-clamp but did the other side by just pushing 1 side of the piston..might be time to invest in a better tool!
  6. Just on a side note..mintex pads are crap! I was swapping the pads as the ones fitted had delaminated, the friction material was sitting about 1mm off the back plate on 1 side of the pad on all 4 of them..
  7. My dad, a time served master bodger has done a bit of a repair on the current one..
  8. I've just bitten the bullet and picked up a brand new caliper for £100 offa ebay..expensive day!
  9. I had a feeling they had been discontinued, but will keep an eye out. Thank you
  10. I have just snapped my caliper plate whilst doing the pads..does anyone know where I can get a replacent from..without buying a whole new caliper?
  11. Mines just gone in the the gear selector switch and they have just called to say the water pump has gone too... it should be covered under the all in warranty but they are waiting for a call back to authorise it.
  12. I am trying to update the maps..but it seems my SD card is stuck in the slot. Ive tried pushing it in and pulling it out but it wont budge. Any ideas how to get it out? It's not critical as I have Android auto, but it would be nice to have the latest maps on-board.
  13. I took the all in warranty for £25 a month in November..it was a no brainer for me after owning a m135i which needed about 11k of warranty work!
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