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  1. This would look amazing in my garage Sadly NA doesn't get such cool toys
  2. Welcome! I’m running michelin alpin pa4 on my MK7 R although have seen a few people using the continental vikingcontact 7.
  3. Definitely have headlight envy haha, My MK7 R is nowhere near that bright
  4. Welcome 🇨🇦 What spec 8R did you go with?
  5. https://parts.vw.com/p/Volkswagen_2022_Golf-R/Enhanced-Rear-View-Mirror-with-HomeLink-Connect-Capability/103744427/000072548N.html
  6. Same, I'm sure there will be an aftermarket one eventually
  7. its only money, I’m sure we have all bought something that wasn’t necessary for our cars… beside when the dynamic tailgates are available to order I’ll get those as well as then it will match. personality I’m a big fan of the OEM+ add ons but to each there own. Rear Euro headrests are also on the short list.
  8. https://www.vwpartsandservice.ca/p/Volkswagen_2022_Golf-R/Ext-mirror-Dynamic-Side-Markers/105972152/5H0052215.html?fbclid=IwAR0o2Meq69KLE3EbkWrPj4Y41I9D_LIIx_-XHtl35iE-rEDfddEbzxhIfJo I get to look at them in the box for 4 months until my car is here
  9. I agree with you on the extra light, and with this style of blind it wouldn’t be the sun beating down on you. With my 10 GTI and my 12 R where I found it handy was on the highway for air flow having it open on rear tilt. That being said the glass is almost the width of the entire roof, working in the automotive industry that’s a lot of glass when it gets hit with a rock
  10. I love the look of the black R but I couldn't handle seeing the scratches in the clear coat, My current MK7R is Lapiz but i really miss white (10 GTI, 12 R) both candy white.
  11. I just have my garage door remote in my console (MK7R) however the MK8 has no console lid to hid it... I guess it'll be the armrest or until somebody develops a button for the NA R's where the auto hold goes (that we don't have)
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