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  1. 5H0-885-901-K-WNB I'll eventually order a set, my car delivery date is now pushed back to maybe Sept/Oct
  2. These look sharp, did you have the IQ lights on your car from factory?
  3. I know Paul over at Shop Dap is working on a kit, looking on his website he has P/N's listed (to me they look like the NA lights) however I can almost guarantee you will a sub harness & coding to get the dynamic functionality to work. https://www.shopdap.com/make-model-year/volkswagen/r-models/mk8-golf-r/mk8-golf-r-lighting.html
  4. I have a set in my MK7 R but still a 2ish month wait on the MK8 Tuxmats are awesome and their customer service is fantastic (shameless plug :P)
  5. This would look amazing in my garage Sadly NA doesn't get such cool toys
  6. Welcome! I’m running michelin alpin pa4 on my MK7 R although have seen a few people using the continental vikingcontact 7.
  7. Definitely have headlight envy haha, My MK7 R is nowhere near that bright
  8. Welcome 🇨🇦 What spec 8R did you go with?
  9. https://parts.vw.com/p/Volkswagen_2022_Golf-R/Enhanced-Rear-View-Mirror-with-HomeLink-Connect-Capability/103744427/000072548N.html
  10. Same, I'm sure there will be an aftermarket one eventually
  11. its only money, I’m sure we have all bought something that wasn’t necessary for our cars… beside when the dynamic tailgates are available to order I’ll get those as well as then it will match. personality I’m a big fan of the OEM+ add ons but to each there own. Rear Euro headrests are also on the short list.
  12. https://www.vwpartsandservice.ca/p/Volkswagen_2022_Golf-R/Ext-mirror-Dynamic-Side-Markers/105972152/5H0052215.html?fbclid=IwAR0o2Meq69KLE3EbkWrPj4Y41I9D_LIIx_-XHtl35iE-rEDfddEbzxhIfJo I get to look at them in the box for 4 months until my car is here
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