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  1. I got mine from ECS shipped to Canada approx $700 (including taxes, shipping and customs fees) back in September 2020. I looked into this about a year prior but balked at the cost, then got an unrepairable flat one Saturday afternoon in the middle of nowhere on the prairies. I was forced to get a tow to the nearest town and buy whatever tire they luckily had in stock in order to drive an hour and a half to get home (it was either that or get towed all the way home). Needless to say - I bit the bullet and got the spare kit from ECS because I never want to be in this situation again.
  2. Thx! For the first time today I was actually able to see one in-person. Dealership has a white manual with sunroof that they just sold but it’s still in the showroom. It’s stunning. Way better than anything I’ve seen online in pics. They had it parked next to a blue 7.5 and it’s shocking how much better I like the 8. The bad news? My dealer in the Canadian prairies is telling me if I place a deposit today - it won’t arrive until 2023. And “later in 2023” if I want no sunroof. 😳🙁
  3. Thx for this outstanding write-up…I’m a longtime lurker of this forum and now finally a first-time post-er 😆. I’ve been very interested to read your comments on the 8R. Like you had previously - I currently have a 2017 R which has been absolutely fantastic for me, but in my 3 years of ownership (I’m the second owner) I’ve now hit 122,000 km’s so I’m struggling whether to hang onto the 7R and drive it til it quits or upgrade to the 8R before my 7R loses any more value. I’m in the Canadian prairies and therefore need an AWD vehicle. I also have a large dog and so I need a hatch or SUV/CUV. I do
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