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  1. GarryS

    Hi Everyone

    Red 4 door DSG 15 plate with 30k on the clock, and hoping to get next Friday pending if my Honda’s V5 is delivered due to reg retention. Now mod’s that a different topic! But first will be an oil change, DSG, transfer box, engine and haldex. Cheers
  2. GarryS

    Hi Everyone

    EP3 then an FN2 was looking at a FK2 for my next car but the missus has made my have what she wants and that a Scirocco, but now decided on the Golf both having fond memories of a mk4 gti we had.
  3. GarryS

    Hi Everyone

    Well guys after spending a couple of days reading the forum posts, i’ve put a deposit on a Golf R, so looking forward to joining the forum properly…
  4. GarryS

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone. I have been a Japanese car fan for years having owned Type R Hondas, and now i fancy a different “R” So im in the market for a White Scirocco R DSG Low Milage etc. I’ll be sure to stick around and generally asking for advice and to contribute where I can, Cheers guys,
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