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  1. welcome along …. Yeah same as me with regards the colour .. but a red R looks lovely 😍
  2. I’d be getting an intercooler at stage 2…. I ( being mad ) would even consider one at stage 1 to be honest . Just makes sense to keep the charge temps as low as possible for as long as possible whatever . Heat kills engines and no point on skimping if you’re an enthusiast, which most on here are 👍🏼
  3. Fiesta st180 …. There are more fun than a R .
  4. so does that mean that all the 19/20 plate 7.5’s have the updated softwhere already ?
  5. Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s all to do with the start stop pump shaft thing ? So I’ll be having my start / stop completely coded out when I can .
  6. And this is exactly how rumours start 😂 yes they’ve had a recall but I’ve personally not heard of any issues over the last 5-6 years of the 17-18 plate dsg box’s imploding . has there been any on here that have ?
  7. I’d be very very surprised if a main dealer would offer a remap happy to be proved wrong , just never heard of it before. Keep us posted 👍🏼
  8. that’s cheap for fitting 👍🏼 now the the money you’ve saved get a whitline rear Arb ( sign up and get 15% off your first order ) that’s about £150 and a poweflex dog bone insert for the gearbox ( about £40 ) this is exactly what I ran and it’s a great cheap set up , that’s still really comfortable on the road 👍🏼
  9. yeah that’s them … but If you go on autodoc you can get them for about half that price 👍🏼
  10. The fundamental truth is that the R’s sound crap whatever system you have …. Even the mighty akro ( to my ears anyway ) sounds like a angry wasp that needs start lifting some weights … id probably still have an akro though … just for scene points 😬😂
  11. And as other have said … please leave the pop n bangs well alone , these cars attract chavs anyway , let’s be a bit more classy 😊 just go Revo / apr / MRC / unicorn / r-tech … these from my research are the go too guys and have proper research/ years into their maps . Also I always like to think about resale .. one of the tuners above maps would potentially not put off a buyer for the car . Other not know places maps , I’d not even bother to look at the car .
  12. making the car more comfortable is such a subjective thing . One man’s comfortable is another man’s rock hard . for a basic suspension set up I’d go eibach pro springs whitline rear Arb dog bone mount and brakes ds2500 pads oem discs rbf660 brake fluid
  13. I’d literally just check all the basics .. such as oil level , coolant level , when was the brake fluid last changed , check wheel bolts are torqued to spec and use the car on track as is. As you say you’re not going there to race anyone , so just enjoy the car in standard form and if you get the bug for track days , make a plan of bits and bobs to change that will enhance car for the next track day
  14. Pretty much what I’ve done …. Left the power ( for now ) , added coilovers , brakes , rear Arb , dog bone mount . I’d stick my neck out and actually say my car would be quicker down a twisty road than any stage 1 on standard brakes / suspension
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