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  1. I’m I totton mate …. As it happened my friend Chris who is fitting all my parts for me has a little place on Ampress lane industrial estate in lymington .. just going to pick the car up now !!
  2. Hope you all have a good time … would have loved to come but the R is not ready unfortunately 👎🏼
  3. Welcome along Mike 👍🏼
  4. 😂😂… I’m just into how things handle more than our right pace . Yes I’m getting old 😂. Roads around me ( new forest ) with 500 bhp would be just stupid .
  5. bog standard 😂😂 thought I’d get the car to handle / stop and look good before going more power … and to be honest I’ll only be going stage 1 anyway , as I feel that’s enough for what roads I like to drive on . only had the car 6months .
  6. Fronts were £1900 I think and rears about £600 👍🏼
  7. Just fitting my kit yesterday / today . 375mm 6pot fronts 350mm rear conversion
  8. Fronts are all on … rears to fit tomorrow
  9. So looks like I’ll buy some hub extenders and paint my H&R spacers black !
  10. well I’ve just jacked the car up , wheel off and had a good look …. the new wheels with a 5mm spacer although I can center them on the hub … it’s only around 5mm … and the wheels use a plastic spigot ring with a chamfered edge .. so won’t sit by themselves on the hub . the silver H&R spacers are a perfect 57.1 hub fitment … I bought some new FORGE ones , again advertised as 57.1 … but are actually 66mm !! So don’t sit on the hub at all ! Phoned awsome gti about it and they said sorry, but no mention of a refund … pics of H&R under the Forge spacer for
  11. Ok so figured it out 👍🏼 these push inside the hub and make it a tad longer to help place the wheel on central . Not sure I need them though , as with a 5mm spacers I can still sit the wheel just about onto the hub to centralise it .
  12. I just can’t figure out in my head how they work ! 🤔
  13. that is absolutely lovely 😍…. If I ever sell my lotus , I already know I want a mint mk1 or mk2 to take its spot . For me probably a mk2 as they just drive so much nicer than a mk1 . What’s the story with your mk2 Ian ?
  14. Oh also forgot to say … when my tyre place changed the tyres over for me , they commented on the quality of the wheels . 2 didn’t need any weights at all to balance !! Never had that before !
  15. same as me to be fair … but just looked right when I saw it in the metal . I’d still have a lapiz over it though 😬
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