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  1. I didn’t really have them for that long ( sold the car with them on ) but I’d suggest actually turning them up a tad .. in my experience from other coilovers they can almost become to ‘slack ‘ on there softest settings . Try that and see how that feels and also perhaps drop your tyre pressures for day to day driving by a couple psi . Ultimately though no suspension will soak up every pot hole unfortunately 👎🏼
  2. Yes the big brakes were an option from factory but I couldn’t find one with both packs , the wheels , carbon , suspension and the brakes . So settled on one that had the majority of stuff I was after . Tough decision between this and the cayman … 2 quite different driving cars but equally as engaging. Not sure about them going up in value over time … what I had to pay for this was eye watering really but I do think the fact the new M2 hasn’t had a good reception and also it looks like they wont be doing a comp version , will help mine hold value a bit 👍🏼
  3. yeah it’s a very difficult engine to make sound sonorous isn’t it ! The Milltek seems the best compromise between sound / price and not having to mess around with cats / gpf etc . In all honesty I’ll probably never tune the engine , seems plenty quick enough for what I’m after and I like the safety net of bmw warranty incase the dreaded CH slip happens ! I’m probably the only one who had a golf R and never was fussed about mapping it 😂
  4. So I bought the oem bbk from bmw a few weeks ago … 400mm 6 pot fronts and 380mm rear 4 pots ….. and literally just waiting today for my Milltek equal length exhaust to turn up 😍 I’ll be changing the wheel colour to Porsche white gold as well … not a fan of black wheels
  5. i sold my lotus and R due to not really using either that much ….. wanted something that was a lot more driver focused than the R but more usable than the elise . This was the only thing that really floated my boat and also gave me enough left over to pay the mortgage off . I test drove a comp at my local bmw dealer … I was completely underwhelmed to begin with if I’m honest . The ride was so bad compared with my ohlins equipped R and elise . Sound was very muted due to the gpf’s. Then found one with the m-performance coilovers kit ( re-branded KW V3’s ) and boy oh boy what a difference! Up there with the ohlins in ride compliance . The car was over what I wanted to spend really but had all the genuine m-performance carbon inside and out ,the forged 763m wheels , loads of ppf , still had 7 months bmw warranty and only 9k miles . Also had both packs and all other options other than a sunroof ….. So just bought it it’s a cracking car … full of character and real road presence. I’ve yet to really push the car as it has Michelin cup2’s on and they are flipping lethal in this cold / damp weather . only thing it needed was the optional ‘2NH ‘ big brake kit and some sort of an exhaust …..
  6. yeah had it about 4 weeks now . Proper drivers car but still got lots of creature comforts to be nice to live with . Yes new one looks a bit ugly doesn’t it !
  7. No need for an Ad …. Just got driven off. Pick the M2 up tomorrow 😀
  8. more like I fitted them for you 😂😂 haha nice to meet you dude 👍🏼
  9. …. I’ll get a proper ad up on here soon , but selling up be sad to see it go but time for some RWD action
  10. welcome along …. Yeah same as me with regards the colour .. but a red R looks lovely 😍
  11. I’d be getting an intercooler at stage 2…. I ( being mad ) would even consider one at stage 1 to be honest . Just makes sense to keep the charge temps as low as possible for as long as possible whatever . Heat kills engines and no point on skimping if you’re an enthusiast, which most on here are 👍🏼
  12. Fiesta st180 …. There are more fun than a R .
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