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  1. I've managed to get the helix working in the 8R. It was a pain to do and would recommend two people doing it together to pry panels easier. Sound wise it's definitely a step up from the stock system. Was flat previously and now full off bass. I've programmed it and it does make a difference. I would say it sounds similar to when installed into the mk7. I have kept bass just above 0 and its plenty. Of course there is alot more legroom to increase the bass. I can provide a rough guide to how it was done. Although, timed it wrong and did the latter h
  2. I have a helix sub and amp and want to hook it up. I had it in my mk7 and worked a treat
  3. Does anyone have a breakdown diagram of the front dash? Specifically, how to get to the infotainment head unit behind the glovebox. I pulled down the glovebox, however unsure if I could get to it through there or dissembling the whole dash. Also, does anyone know if the cloth seats with and without the heated feature are the same? I don't think the non heated variant would include the heating elements, however I've seen a cable sticking out the bottom of the front passenger seat. Would this be the seat belt/ airbag sensor.
  4. This is frustrating. I press the ignition then mode button. Choose whichever mode ( usually individual) then start. It's not ideal, but I've learnt to live with it and it's now second nature. Sport mode isn't loud at all though. Race is. As per Booth11
  5. Thank you for that! That explains it better. Il check it out in the dark.
  6. That is an excellent guide. Thank you for that. I'm sure many will find this useful. My next question was how to do it once my paint arrived. Additionally, does anyone know what the dynamic background lighting does from the e shop? I've activated it but yet to see any difference? Supposedly does speed warnings and opening door warning?
  7. Hi I have had my first stone chipping to the front! The car is only a month old! Very upsetting. Any suggestions to touch up? Don't want to respray right now as I do alot of motorway driving. I have the pure white and found the code to be LC9A online. Does anyone know if this is the correct code? I've looked on the drivers side inner door and cannot see a code. Any advice as to a brand that does good paint repair/ touch up? Thank you
  8. Agreed, it will probably be a fairly expensive software upgrade if at all possible. Does anyone think that the press car which car wow et al used had the 333ps version? Not sure if anyone has been able to replicate those 0-60 or 1/4 mile figures. Someone has bought that car though, are they on here by any chance? Saying that, I have seen at least 2 dyno videos giving 340hp. I personally think the 333ps engine will be in the 20th edition pack only.We should get an answer soon.
  9. Thanks for the clarification! This will save alot of hassle later on. 😁
  10. I really doubt the my23 cars will have 10bhp more. Its just a model year change and not a face-lift. Hope you get yours soon though
  11. I thought side assist came with rear traffic alert already. Im sure i saw it in one of the menus
  12. Resurrecting an old thread. I don't think lossless audio can be sent via Bluetooth. There isn't enough bandwidth. Not entirely sure if it does it via the lightning cable either via carplay. Happy to be corrected though. I've had a quick play now. Alexa music appears to be louder and clearer than android Auto or USB playback. It was only a short test though.
  13. I struck lucky with the Goodyears SS. From what i've tested, its great, although hardly pushed the car. Come on 1000miles!
  14. Received car today and yes it says service in 700 plus days and 18kmiles! Awesome! More money to spend on fuel
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