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  1. Mine is on 93k and is bang on mate if it has been maintained properly mileage shouldn’t be a massive factor
  2. Ooooh that is lovely 😍
  3. Weirdly I wouldn’t buy from a dealership that spell cars with a z, just shouts chaviness to me 😂
  4. This is the wife’s car had it 5 years now and has been absolutely faultless in all the time we’ve had it. pros steering is stunning comfy (ish) liquid yellow 😎 cons gearbox is woefully slow interior is terrible boot is pretty small
  5. I would depending if it was a reputable company and had the service history to back up a hike in power
  6. but have a mint first 🤣
  7. I went to look at a black one before I got mine that was smoked in, the second I opened the door I knew I’d never consider buying it (us ex smokers are the worst 🤣)
  8. Must definitely be the photo then mate my eyes aren’t that good 🤣
  9. she is but hoovering 4-5 times a day gets tiring due to the amount she sheds we’ve just got one of the blowers that the groomers use, we used to take her every time she started moulting but this way I get a blower for the car aswell
  10. Dazaturbo

    Hi all

    thank you 👍 Although the wheels are in need of a bit of a refurb but it looks tidy enough from a distance 🤣
  11. My Alaskan malamute Her name is Elsa (serves me right letting my daughter pick her name while she was obsessed with frozen [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Dazaturbo

    Hi all

    Only pic I’ve got of my new r upto yet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. That is stunning I love this new shape rs3 and the saloon especially so
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