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  1. I do agree and so does my girlfriend haha lol.. I’ll be back to chrome caps after a week I can feel it
  2. I do agree! The brushed ones will probably be back on after 2 weeks if these don’t grow on me lol
  3. Just changed my mirror caps from the brushed aluminium caps to gloss black ones! Thinking about black badging it, what do you guys think? https://postimg.cc/gallery/rMWMWR9
  4. Okay that’s what I’m now thinking! Yes I’ve heard Akrapovic fetch crazy prices! when you say go resonated does that mean resonated catback or take my res delete off and put box back in? Sorry for silly questions new to this lol
  5. Yes I agree I do prefer a black finish to the tips instead of the chrome especially as I’ve got a black R! and would you definitely say saving that bit extra for open/closed valves is worth it? I’m guessing yes is your answer! ps looks a nice set up!
  6. Hello, Currently stage 1 with res delete… what valved exhaust systems have you guys got and recommend? fairly new to this so any help much appreciated!
  7. Hi everyone, I’ve just put a BCS power valve res delete on. I want something a bit more ‘yobbish’ at times with some more noise. what’s the next step? Take the stock back box put and new cat-back system in? Would this be okay as I haven’t got it re-mapped to stage one yet or is it best to get it re-mapped first? budget would be £1500 but willing to put a bit more in. thanks
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