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  1. Hi all. I noticed in my Mk8 engine bay that VW mentions using O-30W oil, though the top up bottle that arrived with car appears to be 0-20W. I also have some new Mobil 0-40W from my previous car. Just wondering if anyone has any views on which is best and if any in particular should be avoided? Thanks Kenny
  2. Rebecca - many thanks. I still only have about 400 miles on the car from new so am just feeling my way and taking it easy at this time. I saw someone else mention running in the engine and even avoiding some of the more aggressive modes. Presumably this is still advisable with this engine for say the first 1000 miles or so? Kenny
  3. Hi all - as a new owner of a mk8 Golf R, I am still on a steep learning curve. Just checking if anyone can confirm whether as a default, DSG is disabled in Nurburgring mode leaving gear changes up or down to be done manually? Many thanks
  4. Am really new to the Golf R having just picked mine up this week after a 9 month wait from initial order. Have read a lot about software issues so was just wondering how I work out which update I have? Many thanks!
  5. Hi - just picked up my new Mk8 Golf R - black with performance pack and sunroof. Only about 60 miles to date so really just starting out! Hoping to learn a lot so thanks in advance guys!
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