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  1. Is there anyway to turn off the Frost alert sound when the temp drops below 4° it makes me jump every time I think it is a tyres warning Buzzer?
  2. Thanks for your reply mine has got a small part not working on my rear window so you could be right I wonder if you can still get a touchup paint to fix heaterd rear adamant I remember using it to 30 years ago.
  3. Strange one had my 7.5 6months now but only just noticed now that the weather is getting colder turned on heated seats heated windscreen and rear window And the Radio signal goes off turn off the heated rear window and the radio Signal comes back on. Has anyone else had this is it a known problem? or is it a one off problem with my car.
  4. PS4s are great got them on the back soon to have new sets on the front to match.
  5. Thanks for the offer but I’ve already ordered one I am near halling looking forward to not having messy wises.
  6. I’ve just ordered CarPlay2 I will have to wait to see if it’s any good.
  7. I would only if I had proof of a repair done by well-known alloy wheel repairer like Lepsons then you would know it was done properly.
  8. His very true with ACC I recently drove to Norwich from Kent with ACC but on the way home I did not use it and got better more mpg.
  9. I bought Bosch discs and pads From Euro car parts for my old Octavia Vrs couldn’t fault them
  10. I would say it is gloss black VW paint code and L041.
  11. The day I picked mine up after having PPF done Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Ford Capri 2.8 injection this is my hobby car that I have had around 30 years this year so different to drive compare to modern cars great fun sounds great with Janspeed exhausts. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. I’ve just Field up tonight with the same from Tesco’s Gone up 10p in a week here in Kent too £1.989L I will probably need to fill up again on Sunday As I am going to Goodwood tomorrow.
  14. It was very simple I bought this lead from America plugs into the button by the gear lever job done button works as a button should work on or off Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Thanks no mods planned only thing I have done is put the lead to switch to stop the stop start always coming on. Turned off line assist as much as Stop start which I also hate.
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