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  1. Thanks man, yes I think both of those items.... and the rest! I have a good trimmer that has done loads of stuff for me before so may get my steering wheel trimmed too.
  2. Thanks Badger. Will definitely look for an anti drone one. You car looks much better with spacers. Grey is nice too!
  3. Got a nice deal on these from VW dealership in Scotland. Much better!
  4. Thank you mate, thats very kind. I am just over an hour away in Surrey but do get down that way to Goodwood and also on my way to Weymouth, which I do fairly often. Will shout you when I am, your spec is exactly what I had in mind.
  5. Thanks. I'd like to look at springs and ARB's but I want to make sure that I do not make the car too much firmer or crashy at all. Will look into the powerflex insert👍
  6. I put over 30k miles on two previous mk7 R hatches and didn't modify either one. Strange for me as I do modify my other cars but the previous two R's being lease cars and also they really are quite good out of the box, this stopped me from modding. On buying our current R - a mk7.5 estate and then discovering vwroc I was surprised to see how much was available for these cars and got lost in posts and reviews. I was like a kid in a sweet shop thinking what I could do first. I should state that this car will always be as intended, a bit of a daily sleeper. So It won't be getting drastic visual modifications. I will potentially add spacers to fill the arches but as an estate and something used daily and for the school run and dog trips I want to keep it OEM+. I may end up eating my words at some point as I do have previous form with big turbo upgrades, suspension, brake kits etc but Ive convinced myself to be restrained with this car. So 1k miles down the line I have been busy with work stuff but I have bought some new OEM prets and tyres, some paddles and just about to order a boot liner after lots of research. My thoughts after these initial miles on what the first proper mod should be are currently a pedal box and then resonator delete. I have read so much about getting rid of the dead area in the pedal movement and more instant throttle response. That would be my first bug bear on the car. Pulling out of a junction currently feels a bit hit or miss depending on visibility and traffic. The next is noise. Resonator delete feels like it would add a tad more wanted noise. As I won't be going stage 2/3 I feel like this won't be wasted money and at £150ish isn't expensive either. After that I think the car would be in a good place for me but my list of what is next is below. This may change moving forward and I would appreciate comments on the benefit that you have seen on your car. Pics are welcome too! Clubsport front discs and pads Brake hoses and fluid R600 intake Stage 1 tune (not sure who yet) Sill protectors Anything to compliment the list above? Cheers!
  7. Love red! Just picked up a red estate and also considering wheel options. Update with pics when you make a decision!
  8. I need to do this. What fluid are people running if you are going to do the odd track day?
  9. Stonechips on my bonnet show that the previous owner used to like to get up close behind people, potentially racing them? I will use the performance of the car for my own enjoyment when I can get away without being seen by padestrians or the police. I would never see a fast car and think lets go for it. Car accidents at speed are a nasty thing, I have had one in a Golf R. The chances of having one when two or more cars are involved in racing goes up massively. Probably sounds like I am boring but just get on track of you want to explore the limits of the car with other vehicles.
  10. Congrats mate. You will love the mk7.5. You own any of the others still? Ive had a couple of mk2's and a couple of Mk7 R's. Wish I had kept one of the mk2's.
  11. The only downside of red is that I realised there was a lot of very noticeable watermarks and swirlmarks on the car. Also tree crap in the window rubbers. My wife bought a Sonicscrubber which got used outside of the kitchen to get rid of the tree crap in the hard to reach rubber places. https://sonicscrubber.co.uk I also spent the day polishing the car and got rid of 100% of the water marks and 80% of the swirlmarks. More work needed! image_67228673 by Lee Robertson, on Flickr
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