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  1. Welcome and pictures always a bonus.
  2. Great choice..a few people on another forum i am on have ordered and the main reason is quick availability...they even have some in current stock if you don't mind the colour. It's also a nice looker unlike the very ugly Tesla. Electric not for me but for many it might be a good choice.
  3. I have just bought Brembo pads and discs for the rear of my car mainly for the fact that the Brembo discs are coated and don't rust like the OEM. £140 all in at ECP so happy at that price.
  4. MJC1216


    Welcome...looks a nice clean example and with 400bhp probably fast enough😁
  5. I hate cleaning cars but have just spent most of Saturday and Sunday removing tar from nearly every panel on my car. The local authority decided to do the usual cheap repair job of tar and chippings on the hottest day of the year and nearly every car in Preston that travelled along that road on Thursday will be a mess. I am not talking about just a few spots of tar i am talking the whole car. Anyway i spent money on a well know tar remover product but found WD40 was the best(I know that a few detailers on here will raise eyebrows but it worked for me)
  6. I would do the same...wash it etc where it is currently parked...you are not obstructing anyone.
  7. MJC1216

    Saying hi

    Welcome and pictures always nice.
  8. How have you disabled the stop start...most seem to do it by re coding it via OBD.
  9. The best colour...IMHO...had mine 8 weeks and loving it and even the price of petrol hasn't stopped me from enjoying it.
  10. OP did you stay with black or change them back. Luckily my car came with black otherwise i would have changed as i don't like the brushed silver look.
  11. Lovely car and an approved VW so no worries. Would be nice to know the full story about the problems you had with the white one.
  12. MJC1216


    That looks like an easy repair and i don't think i would have ordered a new tyre but if you are travelling a long way i can see why you have.
  13. MJC1216

    New Member.

    Welcome and great to get one you know the full history. Pictures always a bonus
  14. But how much fun is looking at your Isa compared with driving a Golf R😁
  15. MJC1216

    New Member

    Welcome and i wanted a manual but after driving the DSG and the type of driving i do it suited me better. Enjoy
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