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  1. Yes! Golf R on the way, so after 15 lovely years, it's time to sell my trusty 2004 DSG GTI. But having looked on Autotrader, I have no idea how to price it. Appreciate things are worth whatever people are willing to pay, but the variation is crazy - from 4k to 15k (yes, really) for roughly similar cars. Any ideas?? All guidance and top tips gratefully received. Don't want to waste time (my R arrives in a couple of weeks) and would love an enthusiast to buy it, but also don't want to sell it for a pittance. And obvs, if anyone fancies buying a slice of VW history, just shout! 🤣 Here's the spec / pic, in case that helps: Golf GTI Mk5 2.0 TFSI 198 BHP DSG / paddle shift Tornado Red 5 door 2004 / 04 plate 2 owners (me from 2007) 106,000 miles Original 17+ Monza wheels 4x Pirelli P Zeros Factory fitted 6-CD changer Sat Nav Multi-function steering wheel Multifunction computer Leather interior Heated front seats Winter pack 2 keys no smoker, no pets, no modifications Full service history Serviced in July MOT until April 2023
  2. Awesome, thanks everyone - the deal is done! 2017 Oryx 7.5 on 18"s with DCC delivered to me by the end of the month! YES! Just need to sell my 2004 DSG Golf GTI now...
  3. That's super helpful - thank you. And FWIW, is this kind of coating - inside and/or out - a good investment? Not really sure what it actually protects against - for example, presumably stone chips will still happen?
  4. Just (finally!) put my deposit down on an 2017 Oryx white 7.5 - to say I'm excited would barely scratch the surface. Speaking of scratching surfaces - see what I did there*? - am buying from a main dealer who's pushing an Autoglym paintwork protection / internal coating with lifetime guarantee for just shy of £500. No idea about this sort of thing - especially on a metallic(?) / pearlescent paint like Oryx white. Any top tips? Worth buying? Or worth doing, but better via a specialist, maybe for less money?? Thanks! (*sorry)
  5. I suppose the other thought here is emotional - just *knowing* DCC is there is great, especially if like me you've decided it's part of the appeal. Bit like colour, I guess. My brother used to be well into motorbikes, he said that you can have the 'best' bike in the world, but you've still got to get excited by riding it. Nothing like post-rationalising a decision!
  6. hi all, having read SO many threads on whether to DCC or not to DCC... the gist seems to be that, for most, it's a big plus if you're running 19" wheels. But what about on 18"s... does that negate the value? Would your average driver even notice? <waits for floodgates to open>
  7. Hi all, thanks for all the varied and thoughtful responses - loving the just-buy-what-you-love vibe, as well as the longer term perspectives. Nice one! Glad I didn't open a can of worms like 'is DCC worth it?' or 'which is the best colour'!
  8. Hi gang, I'm weighing up a 2017 310PS vs a 2019 with the current 300PS. At current prices, all else being equal (spec, mileage etc), there's around a £1k difference in price between the two (2019 being more expensive). So here's a question for you - in 5 years' time, considering that the 2017 model is the last of its kind and is arguably a more desirable rarity for the enthusiast, what would you expect the value difference to be between the two? Answers on a postcard...
  9. Bloody hell, you lot are like the Jedi council - think I was having a bit of a moment, getting impatient for what I wanted. Step away is good advice. Can't post a pic as it's sold now. And didn't know about this potentially counting as modifying for insurance reasons. Thanks, gang. The hunt continues! In <ahem> unrelated news, if anyone has a white Golf R with DCC and fancies selling it, I might know someone!
  10. Hi all, might be a daft question, but I wanted to ask about getting rid of some unwanted options - like posh wheels and a roof spoiler. Finally found pretty much the exact 7.5 R I want to buy - right colour (pure white), pan roof, climate windscreen, price / mileage etc. But it’s also got black prets, leather seats and a black roof spoiler, and I’d rather have the standard equivalents. Nothing wrong with them, just prefer the understated look! So if I bought the car, as someone with zero mechanical skills, what’s the smart way to swap / sell these kinds of things? I’m guessing it’s to find a garage with a standard white in stock, then do a deal and let them swap the parts - white spoiler, suede seats etc? They - presumably - can make a few quid on the work and the more valuable parts(?) and I get the car I love. Feels easier than swapping seats with someone at a random motorway service station! Thanks all.
  11. Out of interest, what does 'lease spec' mean?
  12. Thanks Seano It's a beauty mate - clearly really well looked after. But sadly not looking for the estate version. Reminds me how much better it would feel to buy my R from an enthusiast.
  13. Thanks everyone - loving all the tips. Never heard of this site - thanks! Could have my arm twisted, @Seano! Share a link?
  14. Right after much scouring of this forum, here's my ideal 'MoSCoW' spec - so I'm just about to dive in, with 25k to spend, probably via Cazoo. Think I'm clear on what were options vs what was standard... and how to confirm most of it. Have I missed anything crucial?? Suspect Cazoo won't be the authority on this stuff, so I'm going to need to give it a thorough checkover during the cooling off period! Must have Lapiz blue / pure or Oryx white 7.5 inc. digital dash and MIB2 (standard in 7.5) cloth seats heated seats (standard? confirm in menu) front / rear parking sensors (standard, I think) Good history Haldex clutch service 3yrs in / every 20k miles DSG fluid / filter service 40k miles oil change every 10k miles take care of coolant leak (smells after fast drive) confirm unbuckled wheels (esp. if 19"s prets) Should have minimum owners / 25-50k miles 306 not 298 bhp (how do I tell?) climate windscreen (confirm via menu) apple car play (confirm via menu) 4x matching / fresh tyres DCC (confirm via menu) Could have remaining warranty rear parking camera performance pack (confirm via spoiler, calipers and exhaust) dynaudio (how to confirm) panoramic roof (look up!) Blind Spot Assist (not sure if standard - check for sensor mounts on mirrors) Lane Assist (inc. traffic sign recognition) High Beam Assist (included with Lane Assist?) Lane Assist + Dynamic Light Assist Won't have 19" pretoria wheels keyless start
  15. Quick question - how can I tell if a used 7.5 has the climate windscreen option?? Thanks!
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