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  1. Thanks all for the input. You’ve pretty much affirmed my suspicions. I’ll give these ones a miss and keep looking…
  2. I've found a pair of genuine Golf R Pretorias for sale locally to complete my full set. HOWEVER the seller tells me that one of them has had a small weld/ repair to the inner edge of the barrel but it looks completely fine to the naked eye. According to the seller, the repaired wheel has recently passed an MOT and has not suffered any ill effects (such as a poorly-seating tyre bead or a slow puncture) since the repair. I've read a mix of stories about Prets - some seem to have no issues at all, regardless of pothole hits. Others break them like they're made of egg shell
  3. I was gearing up to give this a go today and wanting to do some swotting up on the 'How To' above and ... ... before I've even plugged the OBDEleven in, I realise that I've been a bit of a plonker. In the rush of buying the car and wanting to be prepared, I skim read this thread (and a few others) and bought an OBDEleven dongle with the aim of enabling a few features on my R that I've missed from past cars... However, by skim reading, I'd missed some crucial info - that this functionality is tied to the LaneAssist camera (which I don't have) 😞
  4. In the past I've used EBC Yellow, Brembo and Pagid pads on my cars. The Pagids seemed to have more initial bite than the others but were more dusty and left more pad deposits on my discs. ETA: ECP have a 50% OFF sale on Brembo kit for the next 12h ...
  5. - Headlight PPF. - Replaced the DSG trim with a replacement VW part because mine was peeling and posing a cutting risk to my 7 y/o (still reeling from spending £41.76 on a sliver of plastic! It’s frankly scandalous that such a young car should have trim issues!) - Found 2 OE Borbet Pretoria’s for sale locally, so now the hunt continues for the remaining two!
  6. Had the option in my GTI and didn’t think I’d miss it. However, for the last metre or so when parking in tight spots, I’ve really missed having the extra safety net. Is it worth paying Hazzy Dayz (or similar) to retro fit one or is it easy enough to DIY and code it in with an OBD11? I’ve been quoted £250 for the part alone but a successful install may require a loom extension and a whole heap of ball-ache that I can’t be arsed with as a DIY prospect! TIA
  7. Historically I've never been much of a fan of red cars, but that ... Oof. That looks sexy, BB. 👍
  8. I want to keep my seats looking lovely for years to come - are there any products you guys would recommend? Thanks!
  9. I lusted after my mate's Oak Green, big bumper 16v with BBS' ... He wrote it off by piss-poor driving and understeering into a ditch, racing a Phase 2 Renault 5 GT. What a sponge. Lovely new car too! 😄
  10. bneh

    Petrol Price

    Oof OP, That's rough. V-Power is £201.9 near me so thanks for reminding me I need to fill up! The old girl will be on supermarket fuel come autumn 😔
  11. I too was never a fan of the silver caps but after having seen an R-Line from the front and -embarrassingly- thinking it was an R - Maybe adding black caps to a DBP car makes it look like too much of a sleeper. I'm undecided. Yours looks good tho Will 👌 Maybe new wheels will help my impressions... 😇
  12. Joined recently too and have spent a large portion of my morning going through this thread. Wow. Ron, your attention to detail is pretty breathtaking tbh - Amazing work. Eagerly awaiting the next update! 👍
  13. Great work collating it into a usable area for current and future owners and thanks for sharing 👍
  14. bneh

    New Member.

    Welcome Craig! Get some pics up 👍
  15. bneh

    New Member

    Welcome Matt - Nice looking motor you've got there! 👍
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