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  1. I declared a map, brake upgrade, and exhaust to my insurance before I had my car as these are planned mods, the quote only went up by around £15 for the year. With Admiral, but its a second car and under multicover insurance not sure if this helps.
  2. Hi All, Does anyone know how to adjust the minimum speed for activation of ACC/ normal cruise (i have 2 cars one with ACC and the other without) Currently the ACC will activate at 20mph and deactivate at 12MPH, can these thresholds be adjusted? Same with the other car min cruise speed is 20mph can this go down to 5/10? Any advice would be great. Thanks
  3. Schwegs

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    I MIB 2 upgrade is needed too.
  4. Schwegs

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    Pics will come soon. Sadly the car was driven on country lanes a lot so its got some paint damage so need to set aside a weekend to do some paint correction. And eventually get the rear bumper resprayed! Not sure if there are regular meet ups around the country but always good to meet like minded folks. (Will scour the fourm for this) As for the mods. (All suggestions welcome) with a 3month old this list will take a while to get trough. 1. will be a clutch as i am weary of the stock 2. clutch. 3. Intake (most likely the ever popular
  5. Schwegs

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    Happy to meet you all and be part of the club New to the R owners club 😁 I got a Red 15 plate with 50k on it. Seemed like a great choice at the time. Bought it through family friends who had it since new. So no issues with it. Besides needing some mods 🤣😂
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