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  1. The Prets are going in the following week for a refurb and fresh powder coat. Also stuck between gloss black again or black chrome. Saw black chrome on you tube vids and i must say look stunning. A nice shiny pret with yellow calipers i think would really shout.
  2. What shade of yellow? Dark or light, or even gold? Taking to a garage so any colour options are all on the table.
  3. I have had a change of mind on the colour of the calipers. Part of me wants to go black, but perhaps a tad too ordinary looking? Another part of me likes yellow callipers, what do you guys think would be the best colour? Maybe an R overlay or something like Brembo etc.
  4. I couldn't tell you if they are genuine or not. But almost all the car is pretty immaculate so maybe i just don't know. I like these wheels. Ordinarily I'd have bought some nice alloys but these have a nice concave going on and look minted in 19. So thought a refurb would be best.
  5. Got it, cheers mate. Wind deflectors look fantastic.
  6. Can these be disabled in anyway so they remain open all the time. Slightly touching my new wind deflectors.
  7. The shop says they only do black but it`ll last a long time, certainly longer than the disks themselves. No issues as wheels are black anyhow. I noticed a few unsightly marks on the prets as well the the shine is out of them. Just sold a 330ci hardtop project i had before and had gloss black wheels on it and once polished they looked stunning. The prets were missing that wow factor. The shop will paint them gloss black but also recommended ceramic coating them for longevity so I agreed. I ll post up a pic of my hardtop 330ci. Sold it locally so may buy it back at some point.
  8. Cheers Gary. Was confused as some of the cars looked fantastic.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I am all for supporting local business too but I am probably not too keen for a tune not involving the bigger names and also the dyno. Not to say the local guy aint any good but you pays your money and make your choices but gut instinct says no.
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