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  1. wouldn't waste your money on tcu tune for stage 1, the 7 speeds are fine up to around 400ftlbs before they take a disliking to it..
  2. intercooler is not needed for a dyno run to hit 400hp , but if you want it to be consistent its better off having it, and it will help, to give you an example i hve a 7.5r , turbo elbow, intercooler, apr coils, 200cel downpipe, and a simple drop in filter on 97ron fuel got 397bhp , so if your in england you will have the option of 99ron fuel which would easily make over 400bhp on my car, to be honest if its a daily not tracked i dont think its worth the money, if you hve the above mods and 99 fuel it will make 400bhp
  3. anyone using this , mines going on on monday and wondering wether to go for softer setting or stiffer as its only 22mm
  4. anyone put them on and what do you think of them
  5. i thought that was weird and i honestly dont know im guessing maybe just moisture in the car from sitting perhaps.. must wipe it off tomorrow, i was thinking of the mk8, but at the time there was no tuning and the dash where everything is in a menu and touch screen put me off, so went for 7.5, im well aware that for handling the mk8 is the best... and have no doubt when tunes come out you will likel see 400bhp at just stage 1.. but then the warrenty goes so swings and roundabouts...
  6. thanks for putting my mind at ease guys... my mind went into over drive thinking why would someone cut away the carpet has the steeing rack been changed?? maybe it was in an accident?? big relief
  7. Is it just me or does it look like some of my carpet has been removed doesn't look right
  8. hoping for some advice i have a rattle coming from under the gear shifter somewhere only over very light bumpy ground sounds like either very light metal or very hard plastic, assuming its coming from under the car somewhere, garage found a couple of parts where the downpipe was slightly rubbing but it hasnt solved it, also ive noticed a click when braking on gradient like either a engine or gearbox mount is loose, but cars only done 29k.. anyone any ideas befor it goes back in
  9. about to get my l450 fitted and just wondering when the stock intake will become a restriction, heard their good for 500bhp, ive a k&n filter and the elbow, and will only be running 450bhp just wondering if a r600 should now be considered?
  10. red calipers look good mate, recently did my brothers indigo blue mk4 a nice yellow colour, but i would get the brakes sorted, not a fan of the mirror adons but as long as you like it thats what matters, i would give a thumbs up for a full maxton kit.. have it on mine 7.5 looks proper aggressive , but be carefull if you get the one that is more pronounced like mine, £250 fitted and i caught it on a kerb the next day☹️ so its cost me £500 so far..
  11. can anyone point me in the direction of one of the rubber/foam pads that run along the roof of the rear bumper to protect it... i have one on my mk5 gti and is a good idea.. would need to be gloss black to match the maxton kit though
  12. what he said between 3500 4500 is where it would slip if it was going to.. also putting foot down in high gears best to drop it down and get the revs up a bit..
  13. strange that on this thread alone there have been a couple of failures and yet awesome in all the ones they have sold have never heard of one fail,,, guess i will have to take their word on it.. could be just one of the few unlucky ones.. if for every 10000 turbos 1 or 2 has issues still a pretty high success rate...
  14. cant see anyone ging for a stock is38 even if it is tte, at 1500 , for that money you can get a l450, and for 1200 you can get a l380x all are upgrades and have seen very few failures or issues.. littco seem to be very robust and well engineered units,, always thought garrett were the best made but clearly not for our cars.. also a bit shocked to hear of tte failures, dont expect that from the germans..
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