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  1. Avon tuning have come across an issue tuning my 2018 7.5 R There must be a torque limiter in the ecu that they are not accustomed with, as we are only able to run 1.6bar boost, when we add more the ECU won't accept it.. they are looking into it and I'm sure they will get it sorted but they realised that the 2017 ecu is different from the 2018, if they had no experience in tuning stage 3 7.5 R they should have said.. but it will either be sorted or I'll get my money back and go over to England
  2. I was going to go go for them, just hate the idea of using spacers when I drive the car hard.. and was always warned against them.. have seen them fail before..
  3. Seems like even more work and bits to buy than just bbk with spacers..but thanks for the input 👍
  4. As title suggests I'm looking for a caliper upgrade that will fit behind 19in prets without spacers, or at least which one requires the thinnest spacer.. Thanks
  5. Have you got sound from the speakers with radio ect, is your fader on the speakers set evenly across all 4, failing that a fuse maybe, I'm just guessing because I am not entirely sure how it works I just know as soon as I got obd11 I disabled it..
  6. meandmyself777

    GTI to R

    Did the same from a Mk5 modded gti to Stage 3 7.5 r, enjoy
  7. Just an update incase anyone is interested, after running bg44k through the tank, and adding a little bit more octane booster I have pretty much removed any timing retardation on the logs, still get a few misfires on cylinder 2 though but a lot less, in an hour drive before I had 20 misfires on cylinder 2, now on a 5 hour drive I only had 6,
  8. Ps4s big thumbs up from me, awesome performance tyres, but might be better off with the standard ps5, cheaper and better mpg, but if you're more concerned with grip and performance go for the ps4s,
  9. Pay the extra and have them coated, I didn't and had to paint them
  10. Disabled mine last weekend with obd11 , So much better..
  11. I'm getting timing pull when the misfires occurs in the correlating cylinders, I'm now thinking it's the tune, but it could be because I have added the bg44k so will wait for this tank to be used then do some more logging, because I have done logging before and there was minimum timing pull, at very brief moments for like less than a second maybe -1.8 intermittently which is brilliant for stage 3 car, but makes sense that adding bg44k will have an effect.
  12. Yeah I'm thinking I might just buy a new di injector and port injector, as the issue is clearly with cylinder 2,
  13. Never heard of proper injector cleaner causing injectors to fail.. VW themselves use the bg range, and my tuner says their products do what their supposed to, although they only help blocked injectors, they won't help a mechanical failure in them obviously.. its looking like an injector playing up, no logged codes and there's no knock or timing being retarded on any cylinders, so I'm going to ket this stuff run through the tank then go from there..
  14. I think I have a over boost issue, which has only happened since putting the r600 intake on, requested is 1.6 bar and actual spikes to 1.8 ,
  15. Mine is a 7.5 dq381, and is running the littco l450, running 440 hp and 400ftlbs, going in again for a retune in couple weeks, running 1.6 bar but peaking briefly at 1.8 this is down to the r600 being fitted after the original map. Still I'd be a bit pissed off if injector failed so early, thought with the mpi they would last longer than the old mk5s which were okay Upto 80k
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