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  1. anyone know it when you stamp on the brakes how much is the rear actually doing? quite impressed with the ds2500 pads on front, but still need a bit more, so would be happy putting them on the rear if it will help,
  2. so if my car is running around 400bhp give or take 10 bhp, on 21 psi , does that mean the standard turbo could be good for 430-440 bhp then? im just curious why the tuners dont just up the psi for more power surely something must be holding them back from it, or would you need e85 at that psi to stop misfires and pinging?
  3. What safe boost will the is38 run ive a stage 2 tune but only running around 21 psi
  4. this is all good news, and has put my mind at ease, im not a fan of the fake sound i would rather have it off as much as possible, i only want to hear the engine and exhaust note. mine will be the scorpion res delete but with the stock mufflers being so good im sure it will be fine.. cant wait to wake it up sound wise a bit
  5. thanks all, its the drone that worries me, but to be honest ive had a few cars and the only one that had bad drone was decats, or ones with 4in tips... hopefully this set up should be ok, and also have the option of closing the valves..
  6. after hearing this im so glad ive ordered the res delete, this sounds perfect, just a shame about these bloody soft limiters, can they be removed with vcds the same way you can turn off the soundactuator?
  7. have fitted the scorpion 200 cel downpipe, but i was a little underwhelmed with the sound enhancement, not that it was for that it was mainly for the tune, but i have also ordered their res delete, i cant find any videos of a sports cat downpipe with a res delete and stock mufflers, all either decat res delete which sounds terribly tinny, or stock downpipe with res delete sound ok, im hoping someone on here has a sports cat downpipe with a res delete and if so can post a quick video if you dont mind of what it sounds like, because im worried it will sound as bad as a decat res delete.....
  8. Ds2500 have been mentioned too much now so they must be good will order tomorrow
  9. what about the club sport pads are they an upgrade and are they just fit and forget or is there other stuff to use them
  10. Apparently the yellow stuff works great for the golf r, so what's better ds or yellow have to get shot of these rubbish pads
  11. Well just got car back with new tune from avon tuning, car pulls much harder with the new downpipe and intercooler, incredible that its making more power than the jb4 even though its only running around 21psi, all down to the timing, there was a few places where for a micro second there was maybe 1-2 degrees of timing pull but its so small he said it won't cause any issues and something as simple as a shot of millers eco plus will clear it up because we only get 97 here in northern Ireland and its not even that probably around 96 at best
  12. wouldnt suprise me some rare videos of guys with their car and bike exhausts,,, personally i would have thought cold dry metal would be the opposite of what you want...lol
  13. thought that was some kind of weird imoji to say you love you...lol
  14. thanks but had to return the jb4 as the firmware update failed and recovery didnt work, just went with proper custom tune and tcu, returned for refund as i cant be doing this every time it needs updating
  15. Is there an option on this forum where you can just add a thank you instead of replying?
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