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  1. I did see them on Aliexpress for about £25. It wasn't enough to tempt me at the time but they do look much better and it's something that once you know there's a replacement you can't stop noticing it. They look great in the picture. Where they hard to fit?
  2. Thanks, that's food for thought. It was my initial plan. Also gives the option to have 19s for summer. What's making me reconsider though is it really such a big deal if the 600 quid pret replicas get a bit done in after a couple years? Whether it's the sole set or summer/winter, I'm not going to spend more than 600-800 on the alloys which makes me think it's not such a bit deal if they are subjected to tough winters.
  3. I never looked too far but it was the cheapest I found out of the few I asked. They have done a decent enough job. There are some little imperfections but I don't know much about wrapping and imagine it's a hard shape to do so I'm pretty happy overall.
  4. Ordered 4x Michelin Cross Climate 2 to get fitted in October. Was thinking I'll keep the Cadiz on as winter wheels with the all season tyres and then get new summer alloys and rubber when the time comes. Now thinking I won't be looking to spend a bomb on the new alloys so may aswell just have one set year round and swap the tyres round if I continue with that set up. Therefor could pick the alloys up and have them put on with the new tyres in October. Could then sell the Cadiz to recoup some of the outlay aswell. Anyone got any good input / thoughts on that?
  5. Just the roof rails wrapped in gloss black. It was £100.
  6. Apologies, totally missed this. Don't have any great pictures but I do have this.
  7. Used iTint in Glasgow, pretty close to me so was easy to drop the car off / pick it up.
  8. Great choice! I know the feeling, I had to do the same recently. When I went to take mine off it said I had to do it via post so took a wee bit longer but still between 1-2 weeks max. You can check if the new V5 has been issued and by deduction know if it's on it's way to you already. The online service is usually pretty rapid and you'll normally have it within 3 working days of the new one being issued based on my recent experience. https://www.gov.uk/get-vehicle-information-from-dvla
  9. Interesting that. I've never been a fan of Arnold Clark tbh but was checking today where I can get my car serviced when it's due under the service plan in Glasgow. There about 3 VW Arnold Clarks pretty close to me but I suppose I could travel based on where to avoid and where is recommended.
  10. Thanks! That seems like a fair price for the wrapping. Ended up getting my roof rails done in the end.
  11. Welcome and good choice! I got my first ever golf and R at that a few weeks ago and am really happy with it.
  12. Sounds great! What colour you going for on the calipers?
  13. Car is looking great! Did you give this a go or look any more into it? I think I will try it with mine. The rear hubs just been replaced and looks great but front is a mess and could do with this treatment.
  14. Looking good! I like the kit and the spoiler will round it off nicely. Can't say the green detail is to my taste but I don't dislike it and it certainly is unique. Fair play 😀
  15. Strange one. Mine was easily half of that and I've 'only' been driving 14 years with 9 years NCD. I comfortably had loads of quotes around 1000-1200 and then anything less was fewer and far between but still ended up getting it for >£500. Admiral, Elephant, Bell (all the same thing?) were most competitive. Adrian Flux were up there aswell and a few others with telematics which I ruled out.
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