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  1. Thanks Rob. Always love black cars. All cars get dirty. 😁
  2. And a full tank of fuel. Well, it’s almost empty now. 😁
  3. 2 days old. Finally they arrive in Australia! Fully spec’d in Oz. Only optional extras are sunroof and HK sound. No TBA on HK models.
  4. HI all, Had my R for 2 days now and love it. Getting a few looks, as there are no others on the road here yet. Almost through the first tank of petrol. Can’t seem to keep it out of “Special” mode. It’s amazing. 🤩 The first thing I looked at was the software version and it came with 1896. No mention of WeConnect so it must be a UK thing. Dealer also also explained why there was no engine cover. My only issue is the volume doesn’t seem to increase after the half way point. I’ve looked through various threads and increased the Bluetooth option from quiet to lou
  5. I took delivery of MY car today. Amazing!!! Although I had the opportunity to test drive a demo 3 times, this one is mine. I put a few kms on her today and then had to go out tonight for a “night” drive - even better! Unable to post images for some reason, sorry Becs.
  6. I would still be waiting, if not for the cancellation with exactly the same spec. Just lucky and a bit of Karma.
  7. Thanks Rebecca, will do. FYI, In Oz we’re lucky because we’re only getting the full spec model. The only thing extra is the Panoramic sunroof, which mine has, and the HK sound system which they have no eta on, so I went without.
  8. Hi Dean, I put a deposit down 30 Dec 2021 as an EOI. Was told I was in the first delivery in May 2022. Went to the show room in May. When they printed out the paperwork, the date said Feb 2023!!! I didn’t sign and went to another dealer. They said Feb 2023 was the earliest and no HK sound system. They were so much better to deal with so I signed with them. He called a month later saying there was a cancelled order with my same spec and it would arrive mid August. I’ll pick it up next week.
  9. Late to the party, but I wanted to say thanks to everyone for the info on this chat. I’ve just read through all 15 pages. I have been waiting for the R to come to Australia FOREVER. Mine has landed and will be in my possession in a few weeks. Your information will be invaluable. 🙏
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