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  1. Mine did the same, I poly bushed the lower control arms and that solved it, later on I had a knocking, that was a top mount. VW will just squirt magic grease in, and that wears out over time. It was always worse when cold too.
  2. Ok thank you both for your input I'll do the faces over the weekend and the insides after tyre fitting. They probably won't be on the car for a while as I'm still running 18's as the roads are so bad 🙄
  3. So my new wheels have arrived and I'm getting the tyres fitted Monday, I've purchased Gtechniq C5 wheel armour, should I apply and leave to cure before or after I get the tyres fitted?
  4. Mine was 20103 don't know if that helps
  5. Hi Don, thanks for explaining., totally makes sense, I also carry a digital gauge for this very reason. The first time it kept happening I couldn't work out what was going on, it was only when I put a decent pressure gauge on the offending wheel immediately on pulling over that I realised how hot the wheel was and that the reading was 2psi more than the other 3 wheels and after leaving it to cool down the pressure returned to normal so I assumed that was the reason for it activating. Once I changed the caliper it stopped until 7/8 months later the other side did exactly the same, but by then I was wise to this game and replaced said caliper and not had any issues since. So if I understand correctly, it isn't the pressure it monitors its the speed, then the sticking caliper slowed the wheel down enough to set the tpms off?
  6. I've had mine come on twice, both times was because of a rear brake caliper sticking and heating the wheel up, I can only assume the heat raised the pressure enough to set off the tpms.
  7. I'd say the kw are excellent but pricey I wanted to keep dcc otherwise I would of gone ohlins. I don't really use comfort unless on the motorway or fast a roads which there's not many left due to flooding and huge craters. I use normal nearly all the time. Race very rarely now because of the roads. A huge improvement over my old standard shocks. Meet up sounds good 👍🏻 I sold my Yamaha R1 when I moved house because of the roads and don't regret it now one bit. I saved up for ages to get my R and paid out £££ on mods to make it the perfect daily driver to keep for years and now I can't believe I'm actually seriously thinking about selling it for no other reason than i cant use it properly because of the roads. My 60 odd mile round trip to work consists of 30% just about ok roads and 70% crater alley. I'd love to be able to garage it and just have it for odd days but financially that's not gonna happen. Rant over.
  8. I'm running 18x8 romac radium wheels I think et45 with 225/40 goodyear assy 6 tyres. I have kw dcc coilovers, I have no rubbing issues at all and I'm quite low. I ditched my oe dcc as it was well worn at 55k miles. I'm in the south east as well and feel you're pain with the state of the roads and i cant see them ever catching up with the repairs/resurfacing so these cack roads are here to stay i think. So much so im considering selling my R as i just feel like its getting smashed to bits just driving to work and getting something a little higher, softer and more suited. So if you wanna have a go in mine on suitably terrible roads to see the difference you're more than welcome and it might help with your next choice of wheel tyre combo.
  9. Welcome along, nice colour and some good mods done already.
  10. Maybe if they went back to these it would solve that problem. 🤔
  11. Welcome Brann. Definitely a dash cam for London driving, a pedal box if you're keeping it stock and even if you don't. Obdeleven comes in handy for tweeks and diagnostics. I've got a set of 19" cm prets in quartz silver coming in a couple of weeks, I was going to go gunmetal but it's too dark and I have black 18" wheels at the mo so wanted a total change, if there too bright I just won't wash them 😁
  12. Perfect cheers I'll check them out.
  13. Hi all, I'll be getting a new set of alloys in a couple of weeks and want to add the best protection possible while the wheels are nice, new and shiny and before I get tyres fitted. Not to worried about price or difficult application, just the best product about at the moment. Cheers
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