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  1. Hi after getting fed up with eBay rules, time wasters and there new payment system I was wondering if there was a good platform to sell the parts off my R? Have APR exhaust, carbon seats etc and I see you can’t list parts here?? thanks
  2. I’m actually reverting the car to standard no so the seats APR exhaust etc are for sale,
  3. Sorry just seen these replies! 🙈 I used mk7 subframes for recaro seats and they fitted straight in
  4. Hi ive got the wheels fitted with no rub. 235 tyres fitted no silly stretch fitted on Michelins .. https://ibb.co/8BYtqcB https://ibb.co/Zgr0y46 https://ibb.co/0tBHt5w https://ibb.co/Dbb7Hwd https://ibb.co/9pVH6q6 https://ibb.co/YT7W9Zm
  5. Hi ive got the wheels fitted with no rub. 235 tyres fitted no silly stretch fitted on Michelins ..
  6. H gents/ladies I’ve just purchased some genuine bbs CH to save swapping tyres between track use what I thought were 8.5 j but turns out they were 9.5j! Et45 will These fit with 235/35/19 ps4 tyres? Running KW v2 with Superpro + 1.4 if that makes any difference thank you ☺️
  7. Not yet mate I’ll call them tomorrow as I’ve just bought KW V2 and Superpro top mounts off them. Thanks nice one thanks buddy
  8. Hi Guys Need new pads for my track R. Any idea where I get pads for 6 pot AP Thracian g calipers? After ds2500 thanks
  9. Great thanks for the advice, I would of had a m4 for the same sort of money but I’ve had a m4 comp, m5 comp and m8 comp GC so wanted to try a new route. My last track car was a mini JCW running 300bhp so this should be much quicker and hopefully better handling with the above mods.
  10. Thanks for the reply it already has a big brake kit (ap racing 6 pot) I’ve committed to buying it, should have it in the next week.
  11. Thanks for the reply, think I’m going to bite the bullet!!
  12. Hi all, I’m currently looking for a new car to use on the track and possibly the occasion B road blast. i looked at a lovely 530bhp 17 Audi RS3 but i actually preferred the drive of a golf R for what I want to use it for plus the R is much cheaper. I’m going to look at a 2017 mk7.5 Golf R this week from a trader that I know and trust. (https://www.sjspecialistcars.co.uk/used-volkswagen-golf-wigan-lancashire-4354633) I’m actually picking my Range Rover up from him that’s just blown it’s turbos! anyway.. does this look like a good base for a track car? Thinking removing the seats and fitting buckets, harnesses and a half bolt in cage? Maybe some semi slicks on team dynamics wheels. thanks all in advance Robert
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