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  1. Just spotted this - https://www.motor1.com/news/654710/vw-golf-r-electric-report/ Next VW Golf R Could Be An AWD Electric Hot Hatch With Dual Motors...
  2. Damn...I was just about to order a Tesla given the price drop and flog my 8.X R for a huge profit, or whatever model it might be, when it finally arrives in a few years time! Or maybe I'll just wait...and wait...
  3. Thanks Jason - fingers crossed the later build cars will have had most issues resolved, although based on current reporting I'm not overly hopeful. For a supposed flagship and expensive premium car you would wish for a better experience rather than having to "fault-find" and "road test" VW's vehicles for them. Having happily owned VW's going back back some 30 plus years starting with a MKII 16v GTI, it has only been since the MK7 & 7.5 R have I had any issues. MK 7 dashboard used to light up like a Christmas tree randomly but was resolved eventually and under warranty. MK 7.5 only recently (August 2022) required a new battery and one puddle light after 5 years of ownership - again fixed just before the warranty ran out. In this sense my experience has been a good one up to this point but perhaps I've just been lucky. This being the 'gremlins' section of the forum I suppose there will be lots of reporting of issues but the number of problems seems to have increased exponentially since the earlier (7 & 7.5) models - but maybe that comes with having more and more complex hardware and software in the vehicles that don't always integrate as they should. As it is, it'll possibly be another year at least before I even get a build week message from the dealership, by which time it might even be a 8.5 model (ha ha) and I will have forgotten about all the gremlins...
  4. Sorry you seem to be having these issues as with others on the forum. I have been following the thread for some time having ordered a White R with sunroof, head-up display, rear view camera, nappa leather, voice activation and front universal traffic recorder in August 2022 - now wishing perhaps I hadn't. Given a lot of these issues seem historic and haven't really been resolved, perhaps it's time for a UK class action to get VW to pull their finger out?
  5. Or Barnetts (Eastern - Western) as they seem to be known now having recently been bought out by a larger concern. They've always been very good on sales & servicing from my perspective which is why I've been with them for 30 plus years.
  6. I recognise the Tay Rail Bridge outside and as its my local dealer of 30+ years - I'll have to pop in and have a look - perhaps they'll do a swap for the one I've had on order since August, only another 14 months to wait by all accounts...
  7. Better outcome for Nurdle with a confirmed 6.9% rate rather than the 9.2% they thought they might have to pay with the recent increases. Unsurprising really how the rates have shot up since August 2022 - 6.6%, 6.9% and now 9.2% given the current global economic situation and exacerbated by Russia's war in Ukraine. There may be further rises yet in the New Year ☚ī¸
  8. Like yourself I signed a 'pre-contract credit information' UK document (but not any actual finance docs, that doesn't happen until the car arrives) when rates were at 6.6% - I did clarify with the sales rep several times and they indicated that the prevailing rates of interest & car price agreed (in the document) would be honoured by VW at the point when the order was placed with VW. So if the order went in when the rates were lower that's what you should have to pay - it should state all this in the document. However, if you are saying that the order has only just been placed and the rates are now 9.2% (ouch!) then this would be the rate payable. This is my understanding, however you may want to refer back to any pre-contract document you've signed or clarify with your sales rep.
  9. Oops - I hadn't noticed the other thread...probably just the usual VW web update issues they never seem to get right when making changes. Thanks.
  10. Although I ordered a new R early August, I just noticed when checking the VW UK Configurator this evening it doesn't appear to let you now build a new Golf R? Possibly they haven't done a thorough enough job of checking their page links as you simply get redirected back to the information pages. Or perhaps they are trying to slow down orders in preference to the R 20 years?😉
  11. Another possibility that crossed my mind - I'll do a bit more digging with the dealership.
  12. Thanks for the replies, guys - I did pose the question to the dealership. As you rightly point out Rebecca, it is a dealer fitted option after the car is delivered, however they were non the wiser, or not at least the salesperson. I'll maybe press one of the technical staff for further info as my current car (MK7.5) goes in for service this week. Only another 13 months to wait for the Mk8! If I glean any further information I'll post it up.
  13. Thanks for the reply momo123 - still not sure why it was removed from options - technical reason? I have had blackvue before (which are very good) but decided to try this one as it comes with a new car, three year warranty.
  14. Hi everyone - new to the forum but thought I would ask and apologies if the topic has come up before. Recently ordered a new MK8 R (White, sunroof, head-up display, voice control, DCC, reversing camera, leather seats, and universal traffic recorder (UTR) - front only). However, the configurator used to offer both front and rear at one time. Does anyone know the reasons why the rear has been discontinued or no longer offered as an option? Also does anyone have any opinions of the UTR if installed and/or images of its position / installation of the cable on the MK8 golf. The PR photos don't give a clear indication of the route the wiring takes. Many thanks for your response / thoughts in advance.
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