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  1. My Uncle ordered his Mk8 R in April 2021. Still no clear Idea or indication from the dealer as to when it will arrive. Almost coming up to 2 years...
  2. Apologies for reviving this thread I know it’s been about 3 years… However, I have just noticed the same issue as @LapizRocketship. And it is pretty strange and worrying to me anyway. The car was in Manual & Race mode. Now I understand when under hard acceleration and close to redline, it will up shift to stop smashing against the limiter which is fine. But this was not the case. I was in 2nd gear, I pressed the paddle around 5k Rpm, and it changed to 4th, indicating an auto change to third then my shift selecting 4th. which I cannot understand why. Does anyone have any updated info? Or anyone else who’s experienced the same. The car is stock. No modifications
  3. Yeah from the pictures it looks just perfect, sits really nicely. How it should have been from factory! & Yeah I think the chap who mentioned, said it was more of a long term issue, in the short term i suspect should be okay.
  4. Oh Wow mate, you legend! Cheers for that. Im gonna see if I'm reading close to what's stated, I imagine it should be!
  5. @NRW wow, 8000! Still a baby not even had her first service 😂 @neilybealy appreciate the picture man, it does look similar tbh, maybe it’s just me being overly picky. Might have to just get the eibach’s 😂 @Jase are the eibach’s a 10mm or a 15mm drop? I was actually ready to buy them as soon as I got the car however I read a couple comments on some threads explaining how stock shockers have a massively reduced life when couple when coupled with aftermarket lowering springs, that’s what threw me off 😅 still contemplating though…do you have any before and after pictures? Also are you running 18 or 19s?
  6. Yeah, I know what you mean. Yours actually looks similar to mine. I’m not sure if other Rs have settled more or what it is but mine just looks higher 🙂. In regards to lowering springs I’m in the same boat, I’d fit Eibach’s to reduce the gap but I’m not too keep on making the car even stiffer, as the roads near me are AWFUL. Still 50/50 on it though, if I can’t bear this gap anymore I may have to Now that’s is a little Harsh🤣, love your spec though! Silver Prets look so nice on a black car.
  7. I’ve owned my mk7.5R for 3 months and I’ve loved every second. However, one of the little annoying things that’s always bothered me is the ride height. Im running 19 Pretoria’s and No DCC. Now my issue isn’t the stock ride height of a golf R, it’s more so my car seems to sit a lot higher than other Golf Rs I’ve seen, and sort of gives the illusion that my wheels don’t even look like 19s. I’ve attached a picture, just wanted your opinions, if it looks okay and I’m losing me mind feel free to let me know….😂
  8. @VR6 South I’ll have a sniff tomorrow once I’ve got to work, I’ve got a bad feeling it is a leak of some sort. @MJC1216 Ah, I didn’t realise. I thought I’d affected older/higher mileage vehicles first, but maybe not. Unfortunate it’s then replaced with the same part that’s bound to fail again. @R_wannabe_owner no, I purchased from a reputable independent dealer. The car came with WarrantyWise platinum plus cover so it should be covered. Just a little frustrating. I’ll get it booked in for some diagnostics with VW. See what the outcome is
  9. So I noticed some higher temps than usual on the display when on my way home from work, driving pretty normally. Popped the bonnet, and noticed my coolant level has dropped (still above the minimum line). I’m unable to observe any leaks as it’s always raining this time of year. A little concerning considering the Age and mileage of the car. Any ideas?? My car was in at VW on the 20th of December for a Haldex service & Brake fluid change. Nothing was reported at the time. I sure hope it’s not a thermostat/water pump failure…I’ve only owned the car 3 months…:/
  10. That looks mega! Do you have a link you could share? I've been weighing up the TCR style one vs Maxton & think I'm sold on the Maxton after that.
  11. Has anyone got a link to a AliExpress TCR style lip spoiler? Slightly more aggressive looking one than the subtle lip on the PP?
  12. Would you consider selling at the right price? I'm in the market for a GPF back Akrapovic and can't seem to find one anywhere!
  13. Ah Okay, Cheers! I’ll check them out. Appreciate it
  14. Can anyone in the West Yorkshire area or anyone else for that matter recommend me a VAG specialist in West Yorkshire?? I’m struggling to find any reputable place I’ve heard of. cheers!
  15. Cheers Guys! Thanks for the help. I probably will begin after Christmas as I'm very busy the next couple of weeks, but will keep you all updated with some pictures on how I get on
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