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  1. Before trying a garage I would take the car for a good run to get the temp up and leave running with climate control set to a high temp with AC on and 1 of the windows just cracked open in a safe place to give the interior a good dry out. Take out any floor mats so the carpets can get a chance to dry as well. Also parking in a sunny spot for a few hours with 1 of the windows just cracked open can make a big difference. If you have access to a garage park the car in there with a nice and warm interior with all the windows wide open and leave overnight, a small plug in de-humidifier would also work wonders. Its just a case of trying to get as much of the moisture that gets dragged in on feet and jackets at this time of the year out of the car. Keeping the AC on even though using the heater when driving can help dry the air out.
  2. Anyone running the latest Bridgestone Potenza Sport tyres? They seem to get good reviews. Had mixed experiences in the past, never dreadful but the replacement for the Honda S2000 model specific tyre was nowhere near as good as the original.
  3. Par

    Which Snow Foam?

    Well it appears I ordered Auto-Foam and not Touchless - doh! I am sure it will be fine but its a bit like owning a GTI when you really wanted an R! 😉
  4. Par

    Which Snow Foam?

    I will do! Only other experience of Bilt Hamber products is the Hydrate 80 rust converter which I have used on my Lotus Elan & Mini Cooper S R53 projects and it outperforms other types of similar products I have used so expecting good things from their snow foam.
  5. Par

    Which Snow Foam?

    Thanks, just ordered some Touchless, looking forward to trying it out this weekend once I have set up my whiteboard & calculator in the garage to work out the PIR!
  6. Had some good information from here for other detailing products so thought I would ask for thoughts on which snow foam people would recommend? Been using the Autoglym Polar Blast & Wash products this year but they are about to run out, would say they are middle of the road - not the worst or best so keen to try out something else.
  7. Thanks to Rebecca for the information on this thread and others recommending short trigger guns. My 10M rubber hose recently expired after many years of use so ordered a replacement hose from Direct Hoses and decided to add a short trigger gun to the order. Just used it today for the first time and wow I am impressed so much better than the standard Nilfisk lance in terms of performance and ease of use, it even makes my old snow foam gun perform better with a lot more denser and even foam. I am completely sold, just disappointed Rebecca kept it a secret! 😉
  8. Further update on Star Performance - I hadn't realised that their old premises in Dysart had burnt down as I dont do Facebook. Thats the reason why they have relocated to Glenrothes but they are not yet up and running as they are still getting the equipment set up at their new site.
  9. It looks like Star Performance have now moved to Glenrothes!
  10. I have used Star Performance in Dysart for different things over the years from routine servicing including Haldex/DSG to remaps on VAG cars like Leon Cupra, Audi TT and now Golf R and always had good experiences.
  11. Chris, How do you find this now it has been fitted for a few months, any noticeable droning at all? Would you be up for taking me out in yours as it is something I am thinking about for my car?
  12. Lucky your car wasn't red - they don't seem to get away with near misses going by the accuracy of the seagulls round my way! 🙄
  13. Finally had acknowledgement that my claim has been received and will be passed to a claims handler, with a current processing time of 18 weeks! 🙄
  14. Going through this myself at the moment with Edinburgh City Council after hitting a very similar pothole to the OP and suffering almost identical damage. I think I am on the 4th different body within following their claims process. Submitted the claim form along with the photos they asked for but because the email had attachments it has been classed as a blocked mail by the councils IT dept. Its almost like they don't want people to claim!😵
  15. Thanks, I have just ordered some of the Gyeon Wax so will give it a go. I still have some Poorboys Blackhole in my collection which is also mentioned above so might try the Blackhole as the 1st stage followed by the Gyeon. I still have a few smears of Swisswax left in the tub from a groupbuy on Cupra.Net around 20 years ago but there was a bit of a scandal around the seller 'Wax Wizard' passing off his own wax as Swisswax so not sure if it is genuine or not!
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